How To Activate A BEACON In Minecraft

Wondering how to activate a beacon in Minecraft this article is going to explain how to craft a beacon, how to activate it and what status effects you can get from a beacon.

Let’s start with crafting a recipe for a beacon.

In the crafting table it is nether star, 3 obsidian and 5 glass in this pattern below will craft you a beacon.

How To Activate A BEACON In Minecraft

The only way to get a nether star is to kill the wither.

To spawn the wither, either place soul sand or soul soil in T-pattern with 3 wither skeleton skulls on top.

How To Activate A BEACON In Minecraft

The best way to kill the wither is either to trap them so they are unable to attack you or make it very difficult for them to get to you.

How to Craft A beacon in Minecraft 1.19

The beacon can be mined successfully with any tool or by hand.

Once you have crafted the beacon, you can place it on top of the pyramid.

The pyramid can be between one to four levels.

Dimensions of levels:

  • 1st level – 3×3
  • 2nd level -5×5
  • 3rd level -7×7
  • 4th level – 9×9
How To Activate A BEACON In Minecraft

The more levels on a pyramid make more powers available and increases the range of the beacon.

The pyramid can be constructed with blocks of iron, emerald, gold, diamond, and netherite.

How To Activate A BEACON In Minecraft

There is no difference in the minerals used and also the pyramid can be made of minerals of different mineral blocks.

It doesn’t have any effect on the beacon.

Multiple beacons can use the same pyramid as base.

How To Activate A BEACON In Minecraft

If the pyramid is damaged, the beacons will deactivate.

When the pyramid is repaired, the beacons will reactivate the same powers.

For the beacon to work there has to be a pyramid, an obstructed view of the sky.

So transparent blocks can be used to put over the beam.

The beacon will emit a beam that has a light of level 15 which is the highest in the game that can melt snow or ice.

The beam will extend up into the sky to Y layer 255.

Because of this, it can make the beacon a useful landmark as you can see the beam from a distance.

The color of the beam can be changed by putting strained glass or panes above the beacon block.

How To Activate A BEACON In Minecraft

The first glass block sets the beam’s color with each additional glass block.

There is an averaging of the red, green , blue colors of the beam.

How To Activate A BEACON In Minecraft

The beacon has to be fed an iron ingot, emerald, gold ingot, diamond, or netherite ingot to activate the beacon in Minecraft.

How To Activate A BEACON In Minecraft

To open the beacon display, hit the use button or right click on the beacon.

Place the mineral in the empty slot.

The primary powers will be on the left panel and the secondary powers on the right.

Once you have picked your primary and secondary powers, hit the green checkmark.

The powers of the beacon can be changed by repeating the process and using a mineral.

Level 1 Pyramid

There are 5 primary powers at level 1, you can get speed or haste.

Speed increases the waking speed or movement speed by 20% per level.

Haste increases the attack speed by 10% and mining speed by 20% per level.

Level 2 Pyramid

A level 2 pyramid has available powers of resistance and just boost.

Resistance decreases incoming attacks by 20% per level.

Jump boost will decrease the jump height by 50% and reduce fall damage by 1 per level.

Level 3 Pyramid

A level 3 pyramid has the power of strength available.

Strength increases melee damage by 3 per a level.

Level 4 Pyramid

A level 4 pyramid makes the right panel available, able to use generation or make the primary power level 2.

Regeneration will restore 1 health every 50 ticks.

In java edition, you can get to level 1 primary powers.

To do this select the primary power, then select level 2 then then hit another primary power.

How To Activate A BEACON In Minecraft

Every 4 seconds, the power is applied to the duration of 9 SECONDS plus 2 seconds for each level.

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What status effects you can get from a beacon in Minecraft

When the player is outside is outside the range of a beacon, the status effect will still be applied for 5-9 seconds or 13-17 seconds.

What is the range of the beacon in Minecraft?

The range of the beacon:

  • Level 1 is 20.
  • Level 2 is 30
  • Level 3 is 40
  • Level 4 is 50

The range of the beacon is a square column.

The range of a beacon reaches downwards, out from each side, and up 256 blocks in java or indefinitely in bedrock edition.

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