How to Add every Card to Apple Wallet [2022]

You want to add all your cards like your airline tickets, id, concert tickets and so on to your apple wallet then keep reading. In this guide, you will learn how its works.

Unfortunately apple has not programmed an app for adding cards but there are several apps that make it possible.

My favorite is the free app pass4wallet from the App Store.

If for whatever reason this app is nolonger available there are still plenty of good alternatives out there just take a look around.

Install Pass4Wallet

Install the app and start it in the app itself, there are several card categories you can add store cards, covet passports, coupon tickets and personal cards like your id for example.

Add a Card

Inorder to add a concert ticket for example choose a category let’s choose ticket and name it.

In order to assign a QR code or Barcode to the card click on scan barcode and scan your card.

If you have your card as a pdf or image on your iPhone tap either on “select from photos or scan pdf document”.

Search for your card and tap on choose, afterwards you can set a date, time and seat.

Depending on the chosen category, the choice here might differ.

Below you can set the color of your card an add notes to it. After you have set everything up now tap on add to Wallet.

Now you will get the preview of the created card. If you like what you see tap add once more.

What is the fastest way to open the app?

If you have an iPhone 10 or higher with face id, press the side button on the right side twice and look into the front camera.

Here you will also see the card the qr code you have just created. If it didn’t work, it could be due to a specific setting.

Click on wallet & apple pay.

Make sure that the option double click side button is activated.

iPhone with the home button can start the wallet app by double pressing the home button.

This however only works from the lock screen. Alternatively you can just open the wallet app manually.

This way you are also able to remove individual cards from your phone.

To do this just tap on the card you want to delete then tap on the three dots on the top right.

In this menu, you have several functions. In case you created a note for the card you would see it here and also be able to remove the card.

Cards with NFC chip such as your gym card cannot be yet added to the wallet app but it works well with QR and Barcodes.

If it should ever be possible to add NFC cards you will find out first on our site.

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