How to Add Your Phone Number to Blizzard (

Are you struggling to add your phone number to blizzard ( to access free games?

In this guide we have explained the procedures that entails login to account, adding your current phone number.

Finally entering the security or verification code sent to your number.

Your phone number will be automatically added to the Blizzard(

But before we continue lets know about Blizzard.

Today every gamer is familiar with Blizzard.

Blizzard is an American Company founded in 1994, which is engaged in game development and is currently one of the most successful and demanded in the World.

Its main objective is to create the most stunning entertaining production in the history.

Blizzard also has its own gaming service became the first online gaming platform built into the games directly.

It unites in itself the functions of game servers, personal game account management, an online store for purchasing games and services payments.

Other games, besides the game of Blizzard company, are not supported on

At least now you have an idea lets now jump into how to add your phone number to blizzard(

How to add your phone number to Blizzard

To add your phone number to blizzard (, you will need to log in to blizzard.

Add your phone number by clicking add phone number in the “your information” section.

Finally, you are required to enter the security code sent via SMS notification to your phone.

Quickly your phone will be added to blizzard account and a success message will be displayed on the screen

Here is the procedure on how to add your phone number to blizzard beginning with:

1. Log in to blizzard

How to add your phone number to Blizzard

Head over to and log in to your account using the following steps:

  • On the page click on my account.
  • Select log in on the drop down menu.
  • Fill in your email and password
  • Click on log in

If you had logged in with google, apple or Facebook you can as well use that option.

2. Adding Your Phone Number

Adding your phone number will add on extra layer of security and if your blizzard account details ever loose in future.

You will be able to recover your account by using your phone number.

So to add this to your account what you need to do is to go top right corner and select my account.

How to add your phone number to Blizzard

On the drop down menu, click on account settings.

This will lead you to account overview page.

As you can see in the ” your information” section, there is an option to add a phone number.

Click on add phone number.

Your will be directed over to “add phone number ” page.

How to add your phone number to Blizzard
Enter your phone number details.

After click Continue button.

Once you have clicked, a verification code will automatically be sent to your phone and you will also be led to “Enter Security Code ” section.

3. Enter the security code

How to add your phone number to Blizzard

After typing the security code on the “Enter the code below ” space, click submit button.

Once clicked on submit, you will receive a message on your screen “your phone has been added successfully to your account.

If probably you have not received the security code after 5 minutes tap ” resend code”.

How to Bind Virtual Number to a Blizzard Account

In order to create an account on blizzard, its enough to have an email, Facebook or google account.

But Blizzard itself strongly recommends using the phone number and specifying it in your account.

This increases the security of the profile and opens up opportunities with more affordable functionality.

In case you don’t want to use the personal number, but you want to bypass verification exactly in this way.

In order not to face a ban from the system or a restriction of available functions, you might have to use a third party SMS activation website like 5sim.

With the help of 5sim, it’s possible to bypass registration and create an unlimited quantity of accounts on any internet platform you are interested in.

On the given service, the opportunity to use temporary phone for registration is provided subsequently to which arrives SMS code sent by the platform.

For clarity, we will demonstrate how to bind a virtual number to a blizzard account.

We will bind a number to a ready-made account.

Creating an account without a phone number takes 1-2 minutes and this is a very standard process having no pitfalls.

1. Create a Blizzard Account

Specify your email, agree to the terms of the platform, and come up with a name and password.

To bind a number, log in to your account and go to account settings.

In the “Account Details” section, find the “Phone Number” item and click on “Add Phone Number”.

2. Activate Your Blizzard Account

Go to pass through the registration there and replenish the balance in a convenient way tentatively.

The cost of a temporary number for Blizzard starts from 2 dollars.

Select the country in which number you plan to use.

Next to the list of services available for registration, select “Blizzard”.

Insert the number issued by the system into the required field, thereby requesting the security code.

The security code will be displayed in the order window, we use it to complete the number binding.


When you add your phone number to blizzard ( increases your account security.

It also keeps you updated with the latest changes on the blizzard platform like new games through SMS notifications.

In addition, one can easily recover his or her account in case of loss of any account details like password, or email.

Adding your phone number to the blizzard also increases access to free games.

With blizzard, you are only allowed to link to a single phone number.

Incase you don’t want to use your personal number , you can bind a virtual number using third parties like

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