How to Get Bamboo Minecraft (Do this!)

How to get Bamboo Minecraft? This guide is going to explain to you how to get Bamboo in Minecraft.

Bamboo is a very useful plant that has a lot of uses. It can be crafted in scaffolding that can be used to go up or down when building structures.

Bamboo can be crafted into sticks. It is also used to breed pandas.

There needs to be eight blocks of bamboo within five blocks of panda and the panda has to be fed bamboo to enter love mode.

Bamboo grows about one block every 204 seconds and can grow upto 12 to 16 blocks tall.

This is one of the fastest growing plant in Minecraft.

Bamboo can be used in the furnace to smelt items. One piece of bamboo can smelt 0.25 items.

So it takes four pieces of bamboo to smelt an item.

Bamboo is one of the least efficient fuels in Minecraft but because it can be farmed and directly placed into a furnace it is one of the easiest fuels to use.

The question is how to get bamboo Minecraft.

How to Get Bamboo Minecraft

There are five ways to get bamboo Minecraft:

  1. Fishing
  2. Mob drops
  3. Jungle temple
  4. Jungle biome
  5. Shipwreck

#1. Fishing

In the jungle biome, there is a different loot table than in any other biome for fishing.

Bamboo is in the junk category, there is a 0.8% chance of getting Bamboo with an unenchanted fishing rod.

If you have an enchantment on the fishing rod like luck of the sea, it decreases the chance of getting junk catches and increases the chance of getting treasure catches.

How to Get Bamboo Minecraft (Do this!)

With luck of the sea 3, there is a 0.3% of getting bamboo from fishing in a jungle biome.

#2. Mob Drops

Mob drops or killing pandas, in java edition pandas will drop one bamboo and in bedrock it is 0-2 bamboo when killed.

If you have a looting enchanted sword, there is a possible increase in the amount of bamboo when killing a panda.

How to Get Bamboo Minecraft (Do this!)

It is one possible increase of Bamboo per level. The maximum level of looting is 3. At level 3, there are possible 3 extra bamboo when killing pandas.

Pandas can be found rarely in jungle biomes.

They require a light level of 9 or above and be on grass. Pandas are most common in the bamboo jungles.

They are also neutral mobs. They attack when hurt but only once.

#3. Jungle Temple

There are two chests that have bamboo in the jungle temple.

Jungle temple as the name suggest generate in the jungle specifically the jungle and the jungle hills biomes.

In java edition, jungle temples can generate in bamboo jungles and hills.

How to Get Bamboo Minecraft (Do this!)

One of the chests for the jungle temple has a puzzle that you have to solve in order to reveal the chest.

However if you are impatient it is easy to break blocks to get out of the chest.

If you want a solution to the puzzle, it is to flick the lever furthest away from the staircase than the one closest to the staircase.

After that flick the one closest to the staircase and the one furthest away.

The chest will be revealed on the second layer of the temple on the same side as the puzzle.

There is also a second chest down a hallway behind two traps.

There are two tripwires that are connected to two dispensers that will shoot arrows.

To disable the tripwires use shears otherwise breaking the tripwire will still trigger the dispensers.

In these two chests, there is 51% chance of getting 1 to 3 bamboo pieces.

4. Jungle Biome

Bamboo can generate in single shoots or plants within jungle biomes.

The bamboo generates more in bamboo variants of the jungle biomes an example of this is the bamboo jungle.

If you are having issues finding jungle biomes, you can use the biome finder on or you can use the locate biome command.

If you want to find the jungle biome for yourself biomes will cluster together.

The jungle biome is in the temperate or lush biome cluster.

The biomes in this cluster are plains, sunflower plains, flower forests, forests, birch forests, tall birch forests, dark forests, swamps, and mushroom fields.

The other clusters are snowy, cold , dry and ocean.

Try to look around biomes that group with the jungle and use other biomes to find the borders where the jungle won’t be found.

This may take a while as the jungle biomes are rare.

#5. Shipwrecks

Shipwrecks generate in all ocean biomes . There is a 15.6% chance of 1-3 bamboo in the supply chest of the shipwreck.

The supply chest generates at the front of the ship or the bow. With shipwrecks it is possible they maybe upside down or on their side, also pieces of the ship could be missing.

Shipwrecks could generate with the fronts of the ship missing and having no supply chest.

Most of the ways to get bamboo involve being in the jungle however this is the one way to get bamboo without having to go into the jungle.

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1.What can you do with Bamboo in Minecraft?

Bamboo can be used to breed pandas, speed up baby pandas, or smelting items. In addition, they can be used to create scaffolding with string as well as make high builds. Bamboo also makes sticks and is sometimes used as decoration when put in a pot.

2. What does Bamboo need to grow?

Bamboo needs to be on grass, dirt, sand, gravel, mycelium, podzol, coarse dirt, or red sand for it to grow. Alternatively, you can also use bone meal to make bamboo grow.

3. Bamboo Height Minecraft

Bamboo grows 1 to 2 blocks and the maximum height that bamboo can reach is 12 to 16 blocks.

4. How fast does Bamboo Minecraft grow?

The growth rate for Bamboo is that whenever the block updates approximately every 205 seconds it should grow. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in Minecraft. Expect 5-7 pieces of bamboo per plant.

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