How to Ban Words on Discord

Are you looking for a way to eliminate certain words on your Discord server?

In this tutorial, we have explained how to ban words on Discord that is automatically delete profanity on Discord server.

This can be useful if you are trying to block specific words from being typed in a text channel.

To do this, we gonna show how to use several bots like Dyno, Carl Bot, MEE6, and the Arcane bot.

Banning Words On Discord With Dyno

First thing you need to do, is to go and open up a web browser that is chrome, safari or any other.

Open open a tab and login to your discord account.

Search for in a new tab, go to the top right where it says add to server and click on it.

How to Ban Words on Discord

It gonna take a moment to load after which you need to authorize an external application to access you discord account.

Go down to “add to server ” and select the server you want to join and then click continue.

Make sure to tick all the permissions before you click authorize at the bottom.

Then you just need to complete the capture.

Once you have completed that capture, we have now successfully logged in and if we go back to our server, we can see dyno has just landed.

How to Ban Words on Discord

Go back to the dyno website, and select the server we added it to and click on it.

Fill in the details required that is “prefix, time zone”, and tap on next.

Once you have selected the server, make sure you go and click on modules.

In the list, go look for either auto delete or auto ban.

Auto delete is just gonna go and delete the messages and this is gonna remain in the server but for auto ban if the user sends a certain, he or she will be banned from the group.

On Auto delete, click on settings.

How to Ban Words on Discord

Once you are there come down to add auto delete section. Select the channel “general.”

How to Ban Words on Discord

Then proceed to select add filter, a list will be displayed containing

  • images,
  • links,
  • exact text,
  • not images,
  • includes text,
  • and excludes text.

Select exact text.

You can go ahead with a few words for example “test” if one enters the word test, the message is going to be removed.

Go click add filter if you want to add on more filters as many as you like.

To match any filters, click on match any and then tap on add.

Now it is going to go and add that filter to your auto delete list and its going to say success.

Banning Words On Discord With MEE6

Start by heading to the Official MEE6 website.

Choose to “Add to Discord“.

Follow the steps to Authorize and connect MEE6 to your server.

Once completed you will ended at the MEE6 dashboard.

How to Ban Words on Discord

Choose the moderator Plugin, you may need to enable it.

Scroll down to auto moderator section.

How to Ban Words on Discord

Open the “bad words” drop menu.

Choose the action you want to be taken when a member uses a banned word.

Open the bad words settings.

Add any channels or roles that you don’t want to be affected by banned words.

Select the box under the bad words list, type in a list of words you want to ban, be sure to out a comma between each word. Press Enter to confirm your banned words.

Click “ok” to confirm. Save your changes .

If you are using a custom bot role, then you need to enable the manage messages, kick and ban permissions.

Banning Words On Discord With Arcane Bot

Start by heading to the Arcane bot website.

Invite the bot to your server, you may be asked to sign in to your discord.

Choose the server you want to add the bot to, then press “continue“.

Scroll down and authorize.

Verify that you are not a bot.

Head back to the Arcane website and go to the dashboard.

Authorize once more and continue to select your server.

Find the moderation section and press “Configure“.

Scroll down to the ‘blacklisted words” section and enable it.

Type in any words you want to ban, be sure to separate each word with comma.

You can use the drop menu to choose either delete messages containing these words, or to delete and give a warning.

You may also want to enable the “Anti-Invite” option to prevent users from promoting other servers.

The selected words should now be banned in your server.

Banning Words On Discord With Carl Bot

To your search bar of your web browser and type in Carl bot or use the link

Go to manager and select the discord server you want the bot to be in.

Continue to authorize and do the capture too to verify if you aint a robot.

Head to commands under settings then tap on moderations.

This is basically all the commands in the carl bot dashboard for moderation.

Lets say you want admins to have ban command but moderators can’t have it, tap settings icon on ban section.

Under “ require one of the following roles“, select admin in the drop down list.

This means you need to have this role to be able to do the ban command, blacklisted roles is the one that cannot use command.

Under general moderation settings, you find the ban settings.

It has a section for how many messages you want to purge with the max 14.

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