Top Best Valorant Crosshair Colors Codes

In this article, I will be showing you the best Valorant crosshair colors codes with their color codes so you can easily use them in the game.

First we have black which is easy to see in practically any situation.

Next is purple, which is great for crosshairs without outline.

Aqua is a great vibrant option for your crosshair and stands out even better with an outline.

Orange is another great choice for almost any crosshair design.

However the color can blend in with some walls.

A dark blue crosshair is easy to see and looks great with and without outlines enabled.

Creampink is a brighter and a more quick alternative to white.

A standard blue crosshair will also look good in most situations.

Next is hot pink which is easily visible in most situations and looks great with outlines enabled.

Cream is another great alternative to a white crosshair and looks great on both small and large crosshairs.

Best Valorant Crosshair Colors Codes

Best Valorant Crosshair Colors codes

One of my personal favorite colors for Valorant crosshairs is grey blue.

Again this color looks good on most crosshairs and looks exceptionally great with an outline.

For default colors, red is the easiest to see

However Cyan, Pink, and green look the nicest.

List of Best Valorant Crosshair Colors Codes

5.Dark Blue#00009F
6.Cream Pink#FFB0A8
7.Standard Dark Blue#00AEFF
8.Hot Pink#FF0060
10.Grey Blue#4697CA

How to Change / Customize Your Crosshair in Valorant 

First thing first download the dotnet 5.0 desktop runtime for your windows x64 installer.

Link :

The next thing you need is a github where you going to get this valorant crosshair color changer.

Next step is to launch your Valorant.

Click login to access your Valorant colors.


You can now change different stuff like your primary color.

Next thing is to bootup Valorant and see all your new epic crosshair colors.

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