How to Fix Checkpoint Required on Instagram

Finding unexpected errors on your Instagram can be so boring and frustrating more so if you were anticipating to browse through your account for latest posts, reply your unread messages, check on your followers and update your status.

Do not seem to understand what check points are and you are still Left clueless on what next about the ‘check point’, error messages that keep popping up?

Well, Relax! Let me explain to you the ‘checkpoint’ mystery and how to fix Checkpoint Required on Instagram the next time you come across it.

To begin with, a checkpoint is a safety measure that occurs when you log in to your account in an unusual way, and just as the word itself ‘check point’, it is aimed at ensuring your account’s safety.

This error commonly occurs if you log in to your account when in a location different from the one you normally access your account and use unauthorized third-party applications to increase followers and likes.

The error usually comes with a difficulty in logging into one’s account after signing out, failure to like your followers’ posts, and inability to follow new people on your account.

How to fix Checkpoint Required on Instagram

There are quite a number of ways to fix checkpoint error required on Instagram and listed below are some of them; –

1. Switching from Wi-Fi to Mobile Data

First switch from Wi-Fi to mobile data or the opposite as many times as you can.

This actually helps in removing the IP address block on your account

 If the error persists, try the next methods

2. Use the down detector to be sure where the problem is originating

Check point errors are sometimes sent to us when the application is down and you can confirm this by using a web browser of your choice to access the down detector.

Search for Instagram in the down detector page and critically observe the graph.

Spikes in the graph as shown below will definitely indicate that the application is down and you won’t be left with any other option but to wait, it normally does not take more than 24hours.

fix Checkpoint Required on Instagram

3. Verify that you ‘the owner of the account’ are the one trying to log in

This is quite a long procedure but it is effective in solving the error.

  • All you have to do is first log out of your Instagram account in the application and make sure to stop the application from running in the background.
  • Open a browser of your choice to access the Instagram login page which is; – and log in to your account.
  • After successfully logging into your account, you will receive a pop-up message requesting to confirm whether you are logging into your account from a different location.
  • Confirm your identity by clicking on the ‘it was me’ button.
  • You can then open your Instagram application and continue from where you had stopped! Enjoy browsing again! However, if you receive the checkpoint error while logging into your account, you may be required to verify your account information using an access code that is sent as an email or SMS depending on your preference.

4. Update your Instagram

Simply go to Play Store, search for Instagram and Select UPDATE, after the update, and try using the application to confirm that the error is no longer there.

5. Create a different Instagram account

Sometimes the error is persistent on specific accounts so you will have to create another Instagram account in order to use the app as the Instagram developers work to resolve the problem.

The alternate account you create is most likely not to get the same issue since you will be operating within the same IP address

6. Temporarily disable/ deactivate your account

This method will require a little patience since it will take some good hours to be successful.

  • Open a web browser on your computer and use it to visit the Instagram website ( in order to login into your account
  • Click on the account profile button
  • Select edit profile.
  • Scroll down and then select ‘temporarily disable my account’ at the bottom of the page
  • Choose the reason for deactivation, “just need a break”
  • Wait for about 4 hours
  • After the 4 hours, re-install the Instagram application
  • Launch the newly installed app and then finally sign in to your account.

7. Uninstall your application and re-download

This requires you to get rid of the Instagram account you have on your gadget through deleting (Select the Instagram application and click on the uninstall option),

You can then go to Play Store lookup Instagram and select download.

This procedure is actually highly recommended since it helps you download a more recent version of the application and is more like an update and on addition to that cache is also wiped.

This fixes a lot of glitches and bugs that may have affected your previous application’s normal functioning.

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How do you delete a check point on Instagram?

Check point pop-ups usually disappear on their own but if they persist, try using one of the following procedures; Uninstall your application and re-download, temporarily disable/ deactivate your account, update your Instagram, create a different Instagram account, verify that you ‘the owner of the account’ are the one trying to login, use the down detector to be sure where the problem is originating.

How do you get rid of challenges on Instagram?

  • Avoid using an authorized third party apps and other short cuts for gaining followers.
  • Do not use VPN while using Instagram
  • Make sure the Instagram application you are using is up to date
  • Ensure to verify your Email address and phone number after creating a new account
  • Lastly try to be consistent with the location from which you login to your account.


Endeavor to always follow the policies governing Instagram and use the above procedure the next time to fix Checkpoint Required on Instagram

 I guarantee your experience on Instagram will be a whole load better.

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