Final Gear Tier List 2023

Below is UsTheGeek’ official not so official look at tier rankings of Final Gear Tier list character’s rankings.

For a quick recap, Final Gear is an anime-inspired side- scrolling shooter RPG. it was released by Komoe Technology Limited for mobile gamers.

This means that there isn’t a console adaptation but would be gamers will have to get the game on the Play Store and Apple Store depending on whatever OS your phone runs.

The game boasts an impressive over 100 characters (pilots) and support staff as at the December 2023 Final Gear Global release.

These control Pacific Rim-like mechs that fight forces of evil in a dystopian pre-meteor waste world.

Unless youre (Elden guy who fought naked), one needs powerful mechs and the best trained pilots to navigate this world by clearing stage after stage, or spending time building your base and customizing it to taste.

Regardless, this list will surely come in handy especially for the new gamers.

The ranking is going to be based on strength, role in battle and rarity. Note that each character has unique abilities and skills depending on rank.

  • UR – Ultra Rare Pilots (OP and super rare to get). Getting your hands on these won’t be easy.
  • SSR – Super Special Rare Pilots (mostly powerful but hard to get). You can clear virtually any level with these given you cannot get your hands on a UR pilot.
  • SR – Super Rare (great potential but also hard to get). Mostly average. They do not necessarily excel at their role, but you can definitely do worse. They could carry you for the majority of the game.
  • R – rare (really easy to get but with low potential) grade pilots. They do not have great stats and abilities and youre better off trying your luck with higher ranked pilots.
  • N – Nor, (common but not very powerful). They should never be relied on seriously except when youre just starting out.
Final Gear Tier List 2022

Final Gear Tier List -Best UR & SSR CHARACTERS

1. MorganBomberDPSUR
2. Lilian  UR
3. Motoko KusanagiShooterDPSSSR
4. MariSniperDPSSSR
5. ShinjiBomberDPSSSR
6. Rei AyanamiDefenderTankSSR
7. NovaShooterDPSSSR
8. Kaworu NagisaBomberDPSSSR
9. Asuka.S. LangleyShooterDPSSSR
10. Esaki PurinBomberSupportSSR
11. TaysiaStrikerDPSSSR
12. CynthiaBomberDPSSSR
13. AlexaDemolisherDPSSSR
14. Rin KamiuezonoStrikerDPSSSR
15. SnowyDemolisherSupportSSR
16. Kaworu NagisaBomberDPSSSR
17. Asuka.S. LangleyShooterDPSSSR
18. Esaki PurinBomberSupportSSR
19. TaysiaStrikerDPSSSR
20. CynthiaBomberDPSSSR
21. AlexaDemolisherDPSSSR
22. Rin KamiuezonoStrikerDPSSSR
23. SnowyDemolisherSupportSSR

Final Gear Tier List – BEST SR Characters

1. ShmilyDemolisherHealerSR
2. KristaDemolisherSupportSR
3. ElizabethBomberSupportSR
4. MurasakiDefenderTankSR
5. NatashaBomberSupportSR
6. IleheathDemolisherSupportSR
7. MirabelleSniperDPSSR
8. ViorateShooterDPSSR
9. EloiseDefenderDPSSR
10. Mari Makinami IllustriousStrikerDPSSR
11. BernadetteDemolisherDPSSR
12. CoreleahDefenderTankSR
13. SweetyShooterSupportSR
14. NiaSniperDPSSR
15. Danngo KobayashiStrikerDPSSR
16. FlaviaStrikerDPSSR
17. Shinji IkariStrikerDPSSR
18. AsukaStrikerDPSSR
19. SerenityStrikerDPSSR
20. BatouDemolisherDPSSR
21. Aya KujouStrikerDPSSR

Final Gear Tier List – R CHARACTERS

1. MegaeraSniperDPSR
2. AitaDemolisherSupportR
3. PolarDemolisherSupportR
4. SolveigDefenderTankR
5. ChaliceDemolisherSupportR
6. SumoraDefenderTankR
7. EvelynStrikerDPSR
8. GarrenShooterDPSR
9. LeighShooterDPSR
10. MargaretDefenderDPS/SupportR
11. RoxanneDefenderTankR
12. RinbellDemolisherDemolisherR
13. RebeyrcaDefenderDefenderR
14. PaulaDemolisherDemolisherR
15. AmberSniperSniperR
16. PhoenixStrikerStrikerR
17. JessieShooterShooterR
18. TheaStrikerStrikerR
19. ChilinoBomberBomberR
20. GraveBomberBomberR
21. ArielShooterShooterR
22. KaranSniperSniperR
23. HelenaDemolisherDemolisherR
24. Akari OnikageStrikerStrikerR
25. MiroaStrikerStrikerR
26. PatriciaBomberBomberR
27. Breeze ThalloDemolisherDemolisherR

Final Gear Tier List -N CHARACTERS

1. ViolaBomberHealerN
2. PandoraShooterDPSN
3. DoloresSniperDPSN
4. FaviaStrikerDPSN
5. PN72 YoguiStrikerDPSN
6. EsmeraldaDefenderDPSN
7. BrittanyDefenderTankN
8. Eggy & PeggyBomberBomberN
9. JasmineSniperSniperN
10. MichaeliaSniperSniperN
11. ShaydittySniperSniperN
12. SuraDemolisherDemolisherN
13. KeylaSniperSniperN
14. KristinaBomberBomberN
15. AudreyStrikerStrikerN
16. LollarShooterShooterN
17. MamaDefenderDefenderN
18. XimeDemolisherDemolisherN
19. NeplimDefenderDefenderN
20. MillynaStrikerStrikerN
21. BathoryShooterShooterN
22. VeronicaSniperSniperN
23. ScheerBomberBomberN
24. MemayShooterShooterN
25. MaryShooterShooterN
26. AuroraDefenderDefenderN
27. MaggieStrikerStrikerN
28. ZoiDemolisherDemolisherN
29. NizzyBomberBomberN
30. AoifeBomberBomberN
31. TrangShooterShooterN
32. JorandaDemolisherDemolisherN
33. PriscillaSniperSniperN
34. VivineSniperSniperN
35. AdrienneSniperStrikerN
36. AdaDemolisherDemolisherN
37. FullaDefenderDefenderN
38. WhitneyDefenderDefenderN


1. How to do a Final Gear Reroll?

If you already reach story 2-2 and do same pulls but not satisfied with the result, here is how to reroll.

  • Go the file manager, select ZArchiver.
  • Go to Android -> Data.
  • Rename com.komoe.fgusp to anything.
  • Remove Final Gear data from App info.
  • Return Final gear’s data name to its original name.
  • Open the game. Select your preferred server Pacific, American or European server.

2. Final Gear- Top 3 Pilots units for Reroll for!


She is out there to deal insane damage against her opponents.

Nova can even summon her minions Inorder to chase after the opponents and deal extra heavy damage against them.

Nova can boost her own attack stats as well as her own damage dealt against the opponent.


Elizabeth can deal a lot of damage to mobs at the same. She has a very high firepower.

Elizabeth is able to boost her own damage dealt and she can boost critical damage at the same time with her passive skill.

She is quite easy to use and definitely one of the best for beginners when it comes to progression.


Snowy can provide alot of utlity effects to the allies, they can boost their damage app or lets say she can boost their performance from time to time like providing buff to allies every 15 seconds.

Buff can boost the critical rate of the allies.

Her skill cost is pretty cheap.


In summary, I do recognize that this list isn’t perfect and is only meant to help out the new players of the global Final Gear meta to the game.

All feedback is welcome and it might be taken into consideration.

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