How to Fix BetterDiscord Plugins Not Working

Are your BetterDiscord Plugins not working? BetterDiscord plugins like Friendsnotification, ChatFilter, Spellcheck, google translate option and many others have been reported by several users across several social media platforms as not working.

BetterDiscord is a client modification for discord that allows you to add themes and plugins that enhance your user experience on discord.

In this guide, you will learn how to fix BetterDiscord plugins not working problem and the reasons why BetterDiscord plugins may not be working.

We have discussed four different methods that have worked for other users and our team experts. But before Lets understand why we are encountering this problem.

Why is BetterDiscord Plugin Not Working

BetterDiscord Plugin may not be working because of corrupted files caused by your window defenders firewall or any third party application like antivirus.

Alternatively there might be a bug or glitch in their system.

Sometimes their server might be down due to internal structure problems.

The solution would be to wait out until the problem is sorted.

How to Fix BetterDiscord Plugins Not Working

To fix BetterDiscord Plugins not working, you need to delete and reinstall the plugins or repair BetterDiscord.

In addition, you can restart your computer or delete BetterDiscord.

1. Delete and Reinstall the Plugins

Head to the plugins folder and click it open.

Delete and reinstall the plugins

Select and delete the non working plugins in this file.

After deleting the plugins, now go to BetterDiscord’s site to download them again.

On the site, click on plugins.

Type in the search bar the plugins you want to download.

Put the plugins downloaded into the plugins file.

How to Fix BetterDiscord Plugins Not Working

Close the file, open discord, and enable your plugins.

If this solution did not solve the problem, kindly move to the next fix.

2. Repair BetterDiscord

To do this, we need the setup file of BetterDiscord.

Go to, Click on download to download the setup file.

How to Fix BetterDiscord Plugins Not Working

Double tap on the setup file.

Then tick “I accept the license agreement” and click Next.

Select repair BetterDiscord and click Next.

Choose your Discord version.

After selecting it, click on repair.

Tap on YES.

When repair is complete, open discord and click if the problem is solved or not.

3. Restart Our Computer

Before we do this, close Discord.

Restart your computer and then check if the problem is solved or not.

If not solved, please move to next fix.

4. Delete BetterDiscord and Discord Completely

To delete BetterDiscord, we double click on the setup file of BetterDiscord.

Then tick ” I accept the license agreement” and click Next.

Select uninstall BetterDiscord and click Next.

Select your version of Discord and then click uninstall.

BetterDiscord will be uninstalled.

Now uninstall Discord.

To do that you need Geek Uninstaller.

Open Geek Uninstaller.

Find Discord among your applications and right click on it.

Click Uninstall.

Uninstalled Discord, now open chrome to download Discord and BetterDiscord.

Using our downloaded setup files, we start the installation;

  • Double click on Discord.
  • Discord will be installed.
  • Now install BetterDiscord.
  • Double tap on the setup file of BetterDiscord.
  • Then tick, ” I accept the license agreement” and click Next.
  • Select Install BetterDiscord and click next.
  • Select your Discord version and then click install.
  • Better Discord will be installed.

Open Discord and see if the problem was resolved.


1. How to get rid of BetterDiscord Plugins?

You can delete every single plugin by pressing the delete button or you can just uninstall BetterDiscord.

So to do that, simply open your downloads.

Open up the BetterDiscord installer.

Accept the license agreement and press NEXT.

Press uninstall, next and click the discord version.

Press uninstall and Discord will restart immediately.

2. Is BetterDiscord against TOS?

Looking at the rules of Discord, it states that their services may allow you to access apps, bots, other products features or services developed by third parties.

You are not allowed to modify the Discord client services therefore BetterDiscord is against TOS( Terms Of Services)


BetterDiscord shared on their Discord server;

“Discord has pushed out a massive change that completely restructures all of their internals and changes the functionality of countless modules.

This has broken BetterDiscord itself and plugins completely. It will likely take time to adjust to these changes so please be patient.

There will be another post here to let you know when a fix is available for BetterDiscord.”

But as you wait, try out those fixes because they have worked for me and many other users of BetterDiscord.

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