How To Fix iPhone Verification Code

Could you be looking for ways on how to get iPhone verification code.

If you have a verification code not received problem, its probably because some of your settings on your phone are not going through.

In addition to having different settings in your app.

For example, if we use a random application like Snapchat and you are resetting your password.

After typing in your phone number, you are sent a verification code and you can’t see it.

In this guide, I have explained the various steps to fix iPhone verification code not received.

Before that lets learn how to get iPhone verification code.

How to Get iPhone Verification Code

If you got a new phone, apple computer/pc, or an iPad and you need an iCloud verification code.

I am going to walk you through those steps on how to get it.

1. Open up your settings and tap on your name at the very top.

How to get iphone verification code

2. Next click on password & Security

3. Click on Get Verification Link

Scroll down until “Get Verification code” at the bottom.

Tap that link and a verification code will be sent automatically to be able to sign into iCloud on another device.

4. Submit Account Recovery Request

Now lets say you don’t have this specific device, your phone or email address to receive that verification code.

You can always open up any search engines like Safari, or google chrome.

Type in iCloud account recovery.

Go through the steps to recover your account that is ” submit account recovery request at

If you don’t have access to any of those verification codes that step above should be able to help.

How to Fix iPhone Verification Code

Its frustrating when your app say snapchat, TikTok, Instagram is trying to send you a verification code to your iPhone and you are not able to receive it hence you can’t access your account.

Here are the different ways to fix iPhone verification code issue:

1. Turnoff Work Mode

The first thing we gonna do is swipe down from the top right till the icon (work mode) shown above.

If it is turned on please turn it off.

This is because if you have a certain focus mode turned ON it can prevent you from being able to get any of these verification codes.

2. Check Message Settings

Go to settings.

Scroll down until messages.

Now the key point here is that any verification code is not sent through iMessage but is sent through an SMS text message.

Therefore toggle on “send as SMS”.

I would recommend toggling it off and then toggling it back on to reset that setting.

Make sure you toggle off “Filter unknown senders“.

This is because any verification code that you receive will be from an unknown sender and it will filter those text messages into another place that you might not able to see.

3. Turn On & Off Airplane Mode

On the Icon display page shown below.

How To Fix iPhone Verification Code

Turn on airplane mode and then off.

What this does, it reconnects to the cell network.

Sometimes text messages are stuck but toggling that airplane mode on and then off again might help receive them.

4. Make Sure the App has the Correct Phone Number

The last step is to go into that app itself that is Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, whatever and make sure that it has the correct phone number that is tied to your specific iPhone.

They might be sending a verification code to a completely different number maybe to an old number.

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