How to Fix SKSE64 Not Working(8 SMART Fixes!)

SKSE script extender not working properly with Skyrim special edition and Skyrim anniversary edition.

Hopefully, this is the last time you will have to search the internet looking for an answer as to why SKSE64 IS not working for you.

Why is my SKSE64 Not Working?

SKSE64 will not load permissions. By default, steam and steam apps are installed in the program files on your PC’S hard drive.

This is considered by windows to be the safest place for these applications to be installed.

However, Program files and program Files x86 also contain the main data files and applications required by Windows in Inorder to run properly.

Windows implements its own safeguarding on any files within this directory, limiting what edits or changes can be made to them.

When you try to launch SKSE64, windows shut it down as a safety precaution, meaning it will not work with your game.

There are a couple of workarounds to this issue.

Fix SKSE64 Not Working- (5 Fixes)

To fix SKSE64 Not working, kindly install steam and all game directories outside of program files or run SKSE64 and Skyrim as administrator.

You should also check your installation as well as checking that the downloaded SKSE Build is compatibility with your game version before updating your SKSE64 Application Version.

Inaddition you can allow SKSE4 through firewall access and window defender.

Finally, you can uninstall and reinstall SKSE64.

1. Install Steam and all game directories outside of Program files.

I have chosen to mention this first for a simple reason. Success rate!

This will solve the issue for the majority of users. If you are not too far into modding Skyrim, or you only have a few games installed now, I recommend doing this now.

How to Fix SKSE64 Not Working(7SMART Fixes!)
  • Go to and click on install steam.
  • Choose Install location, Note it should be outside of program files, and click ok.
  • Click Install.
How to Fix SKSE64 Not Working(7SMART Fixes!)

2. Run SKSE64 & SKYRIM as administrators

Right click on SKSE application and select run as administrator.

How to Fix SKSE64 Not Working(7SMART Fixes!)

Windows will ask if you are sure you wish to continue.

Click “yes” and SKSE should be able to function properly.

The issue with this method is that you maybe required to do every time you start a new session to your computer.

3. Grant Permanent Admin Access To SKSE64

To do so;

  • Right click on the application and scroll down to properties.
  • Navigate to compatibility tab and check the box that says ” Run as Administrator“.
  • Click “apply” and then “OK”.

4. Check Installation

SKSE not detected. After installing SKSE, you may get an error message in the game telling you that SKSE has not been detected and as a result will not work.

SKSE has not been installed correctly or SKSE is running a build that is not compatible with your game version.

SKSE is relatively simple to install for many users but it is easy to accidentally miss a step or make a mistake during its installation.

At the end of this guide we have explained its installation.

5. Check that the downloaded SKSE Build is compatibility with your game version.

To solve SKSE is compatible with Skyrim version, visit and check that you have downloaded the skse build version that is suitable for your game.

How to Fix SKSE64 Not Working(7SMART Fixes!)

Many users get confused by the use of the “special edition” vs “anniversary edition” as the anniversary edition was both an update and a DLC.

So a user who has the most up-to-date Skyrim on steam but has not purchased the anniversary edition DLC may think they need to download the special edition version of SKSE but this is not the case.

Ignore “special” and “anniversary” in this context and focus only on the build and game version numbers as it is much clearer.

If you are running game version 1.6.3 for example, then download the SKSE build that is suitable for 1.6.3.

6. Update your SKSE64 Application Version

You may have had SKSE working for a day or even a while and then one day you launch it to find it is not compatible with your Skyrim game version.

Assuming you have the latest SKSE installed when you get this error, then it is because your Skyrim version has been updated automatically and SKSE has not yet been updated to work alongside it.

Every time Bethseda updates Skyrim, SKSE needs to be updated too.

As steam doesn’t allow you to disable auto-updates completely, the best solution is to visit your steam settings and go to your Downloads settings tab.

Now restrict the times steam can update its applications to 1-hour window when you are least likely to be at your computer.

This way can hold the download there until you know SKSE HAS been updated to wok with it, then manually approve the update download.

7. Add SKSE application to Exclusion List of Firewall

Add the SKSE application to an exclusion list firewall access. To do this;

  • Click settings and then click on update & security.
  • Click “windows security“.
  • Click “Firewall & Network Security“.
  • Click “Allows an App through Firewall“.
  • Click ” change settings”.
  • Select “the elder scrolls V:skyrim
  • Also select any version of the “steam” applications and click “ok”.

8. Uninstall and Reinstall SKSE64 application

If you are having issues with SKSE, I suggest completely reinstalling and starting from scratch.

This is especially important with Vortex which can leave behind dirty files.

Uninstall SKSE

To do this;

  • On your keyboard press the Windows logo key and R at the same time to open the run dialog.
  • Type control panel and press enter to open the control panel.
  • View the control panel by category, and click uninstall a program.
  • Double click on SKSE64, to uninstall it, when complete restart your pc.

Install SKSE64 Application

  • Visit and find the build appropriate for your game version.
  • Click “7-zip archive” SKSE will begin to download.
  • Visit your downloads folder and right-click on the “SKSE64”. ZIP FILE.
  • Under 7-zip , click “extract to SKSE64“.
  • Open the newly extracted SKSE file.
  • Find your game installation path folder that is steam>steamapps>common>Skyrim SE.
  • From your SKSE folder, select the “Data folder, SKSE DLL, SKSE loader and SKSE steam loader and SKSE steam loader” files.
  • Place them into your Skyrim directory, if it asks you to overwrite, click “YES“. You can now close both windows.
  • Open mod organizer 2. You should be able to see SKSE from the programs drop down list. You can add a shortcut to MOD toolbar.
  • If SKSE is not listed under programs drop list, select “edit” and then click the plus icon on the left>select “ADD from file”.
  • Navigate to your Skyrim game directory and select the “SKSE64_loader.exe” and click ok.
  • Now you can launch Skyrim using SKSE from your MOD organizer.

Remember to launch Skyrim this way from now on to avoid errors and missing mods.

Conclusion for SKSE64 Not Working

If SKSE64 Not Working, don’t panic! Here are a number of proven solutions you can try out:

  1. Install Steam and all game directories outside of Program files.
  2. Run SKSE64 & SKYRIM as administrators
  3. Grant Permanent Admin Access To SKSE64
  4. Check Installation
  5. Check that the downloaded SKSE Build is compatibility with your game version
  6. Update your SKSE64 Application Version
  7. Add SKSE application to Exclusion List of Firewall
  8. Uninstall and Reinstall SKSE64 application

Feel free to leave us a comment of which fix worked best for you, but incase none of them did. Kindly reach out to SKSE Team through the following contacts:

  • Entire Team: Send email to:
  • Ian (ianpatt): Send email to:
  • Stephen (behippo): Send email to:

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