How To Fly Using TRIDENT In Minecraft

Wondering how to fly using a Trident in Minecraft?

This article is going to explain what is needed to fly with a trident and how flying works with it.

The trident is a weapon in Minecraft that can only be acquired by killing a drowned.

In Java edition, it is 6.25% of a drowned spawning with a trident and 8.5% of it will drop when killed.

Looting is a sword enhancement that increases the chance of drops when killing a mob.

The maximum level is 3. At looting 3, it can a 11.5% chance of the trident dropping.

Once you have the trident, there are two ways of using it as a weapon.

One is as a melee weapon and the other is as a ranged attack weapon throwing it at mobs.

However, the riptide enchantment allows you to throw yourself when the trident is thrown.

Inorder to do this the player must be standing in water, it must be raining or snowing in a snowy biome.

The maximum level of the riptide enchantment is level 3.

The higher the enchantment level, the greater the distance or the higher you will be thrown.

The formula for the riptide is (6 x enchantment level) + 3.

At level 3, the riptide would be about 21 blocks that you will be thrown.

The riptide enchantment is incompatible with both loyalty and channeling enchantments.

Loyalty returns the trident when the player throws it.

The channeling enchantment summons a lightning bolt when thrown during a thunderstorm.

If you put a riptide on a trident, it can still be used but it won’t have the same weapon enchantments for the trident and specifically for ranged attacks.

How To Fly Using TRIDENT In Minecraft

How flying works with the riptide trident is that you can use it to propel yourself into the air.

In rain or snow, you can continue to propel yourself in the air while you are falling.

The one thing to keep in mind is that you will still take fall damage.

So using riptide and falling on blocks with no feather falling boots will kill you.

How To Fly Using TRIDENT In Minecraft

Feather falling on your boots will reduce fall damage by 12% at level 1 and upto 48% at level 4.

It can also be stacked together with the protection 4 enchantment to reduce the fall damage even more.

With feather falling boots, it would take a fall of 42 blocks to kill you.

To fly with a trident you will need to have it be raining or snowing and have to avoid falling from too high.

One way to prevent this, is by wearing a elytra.

Elytra can be found in end ship treasure rooms in an item frame behind a shulker guard.

When worn, elytra can cause the player to glide allowing them to flying.

Normally with Elytra you need firework rockets to increase the altitude and speed when flying.

If it is raining you could use a riptide trident to gain altitude instead of firework rockets.

Also by standing in the water, you can propel yourself in the air then start to glide with the elytra.

A trident could be used to reduce the amount of firework rockets that you use.

Also elytra allows you to glide, it can reduce taking fall damage.


I would say it is possible to use riptide trident to fly but a riptide trident is more useful and fun to use elytra especially when used when raining or snowing.

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