How to get Chegg Free Trial 2023 *EASY METHOD*

Probably you are a student looking for a Chegg free trial? Homework can be quite stressing if at all you don’t find answers for the questions given.

Though with the Chegg free trial, you will have access to all the questions, answers from experts, and homework help you need.

You need a valid credit card for your signup to get a Chegg free trial. This is done to start charging their client at the end of the free trial.

The Chegg free trial is available for 4weeks from the day of confirming your credit card details.

Once the trial is complete, you are required to pay a subscription fee of $14.95 for the work-study plan and $19.95 for the work-study pack.

Ever since its launch in 2005 as a textbook rental marketplace, Chegg has added services like tutoring, video walkthroughs, math problem solver, and paper checker.

Each of Chegg’s services works both on its own and as an interconnected platform with the two most popular services which are Chegg study and Chegg tutors.

How to Get Chegg Free Trial

To get Chegg free trial account, you need to go to the Chegg official website and create an account either using email or Facebook, choose your Chegg plan and then subscribe by entering your credit card details.

Step #1: Create An Account

On your preferred web browser that is safari or chrome.

Type in This will lead you directly to the Chegg platform.

Click on ” Get started” or ” sign up” in the upper right-hand corner.

How to get Chegg Free Trail 2022 *EASY METHOD*

You will be redirected to create a new account page. On this page, you are required to enter details like email & password.

You can alternatively signup with Apple, Facebook, or Google.

Remember the password must be at least 6 characters, upper/lower case letters and precisely a number or punctuation should be inclusive.

Select a student, your school level either high school or college and proceed to click on create account.

Step #2: Choosing Your Chegg Plan

On the next page, you will either select Chegg study pack or Chegg study.

How to get Chegg Free Trail

Chegg study pack comes with unlimited access to homework help, practice quizzes and exams, step by step math solutions, plagiarism scan and proof reading.

Whereas Chegg study includes; homework help which entails textbook solutions and Q&A’s experts.

Step #3: Subscribe to Chegg Study/ Chegg Study Pack

After selecting your plan, you will be redirected to the subscription page.

The Chegg study pack goes for $19.95 per month while the Chegg study for $14.95 per month.

You can either use PayPal or credit card.

Also a section for filling in your Chegg coupon code if you have one. These can be got from the Chegg official website or you can use these available “CHEGG20“, “KMSOSTC9“.

Upon typing in all the required details, click Join Now.

The billing details states that you will be charged $14.95 for Chegg Study or $19.95 per month for the study pack but that applies after the 4-week trial of Chegg study experience.

Confirm and start using Chegg.

Chegg Subscription Costs and Packages

#1. Chegg Study Pack

This service costs $19.95 per month and $74.95 per year. It entails instructor-made materials like study guides and verified practice quizzes.

You will also have access to textbook solutions where step by step solutions are availed.

In addition with Chegg study pack, you have unlimited access to Q&A, this roughly counts to 25 million well explained questions.

The student also has advance to post new questions and get a reply within minutes.

Finally, you have access to simple solution videos by course gurus from different backgrounds.

#2. Chegg Study

Chegg study goes for $14.95 per month. With this plan, you are provided with homework help.

This includes includes guided textbooks solutions to problems for over 34,000 ISBNs, and Q&A’s to/from experts 24/7.

#3. Chegg Writing

Chegg writing costs $9.95 per month and this comes with services like expert proof reading and plagiarism.

This can be beneficial if you have spent time writing an essay but then are not 100% sure of your grammar.

To use this service, on the writing homepage, paste or upload your essay.

Click on “check my paper“.

Wait out for a few seconds as Chegg analyzes your document for plagiarism and grammatical mistakes. The taken will depend on the length of the document.

#4. Chegg Math Solver

This costs also $9.95 monthly. This is an excellent solution for students with problem in calculus, graphical and analytical problems.

Chegg math solver also provides an online calculator where you enter your mathematical question, function.

This service gives you the answer as well as explaining to you the problem step by step which makes it simpler to understand.

It is one of the best services offered by Chegg due to volume of students looking out for mathematical solutions.

The Chegg math solver also avails to your a list of already solved math problems, this is very helpful during revisions.

Chegg Free Trial Without Credit Card

To get Chegg free trial without credit card;

  • Create an account on Chegg using either email or Facebook account.
  • Choose your Chegg pricing plan.
  • Visit to generate a free credit card.
  • After generating your card, fill in the billing details and tap on Join NOW.
  • Confirm and start enjoying the Chegg free trial without credit card.

Is Chegg Free For Students?

Yes, Chegg is free for students upon first time subscription.

This will last for 4 weeks and after which you will be immediately credited to use the services though there is an option to cancel your subscription.

Simply look for Chegg study under subscriptions and click cancel.

You will still have access to the Chegg study for the remainder of your free trial or billing period.

Can I trust Chegg?

Yes, you should trust Chegg because their textbooks are cheap, in good condition and they value time.

Chegg study is a helpful resource away from the classroom experience.

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