Do you want to get discord nitro for free so as to flex on your friends by having its advanced features?

Whatever reason by the end of this guide, you will learn how to and how not to get discord nitro for free.

Discord Nitro is a premium membership that allows you to enhance the discord experience through the use of custom animated emojis, animated avatars, custom discord number tags, animated profiles, and many more server features.

To prevent you from being banned from Discord, you will learn the best 5 ways how to get discord nitro for free as well as the five ways you should never get nitro.

Lets get started!


You can get Discord nitro for free through chopping on salad, giveaways, discord promotions, and as well as monetizing your skills.

Though the number one on our list of ways, you should get a nitro is a website called Salad.

Method #1. Chopping on Salad is a crypto miner that allows you to mine cryptocurrency right from your computer.

I truly believe that salad is one of the best ways of getting Discord nitro for free “legally”.

If you have a moderately powerful graphics card on your computer, salad is going to change your life.

Step 1: Download Salad

You can do that by clicking the link here ““.

When on the site, click on download Salad, the big download button that is on the screen.


Go through the installation process that is right-click on the downloaded file and then click open.

Agree to the terms and conditions.

Wait for the installation setup to complete.

Step #2: Login or Sign up to Salad

If you don’t have a salad account already log in or signup if you don’t have a salad account already.

Go to your profile, and click on referrals. You can this code “ROONIE2X” to get double your earnings.

Step #3: Start Chopping on Salad

Click the big button that says START on the top.

Salad works best when idle so consider turning off all your background apps and go outside.

As you wait Salad will chop and earn earning you Salad balance.

This is a real deal, you can use this balance to claim rewards from their store with over 55,000 items including steam games, gift cards like amazon, Spotify, and most importantly the main reason why you are reading this article Disco Nitro and Discord Nitro Classic.

Salad makes mining easy. You can pause and resume mining at any time.

Once you have enough Salad balance, head over to the store page and search Discord Nitro.

Pick whether you want Discord Nitro or Nitro classic and then tap on buy now. Your Discord Nitro will be availed to you instantly.

Note: SALAD is an official partner of Discord and its completely free to use.

Method #2: Giveaways

Participating in giveaways is one of the best ways of getting Discord Nitro for free.

There are some servers on Discord that host legend nitro giveaways for members to join.

A few of the servers that this legitimately and frequently are as follows:

These are servers that I can personally trust to give Discord Nitro for free.

Method #3: Discord Promotions

Discord partners with a lot of multimillion dollar companies to bring you offers and promotions.

Recently YouTube and Discord partnered with each other. Discord Nitro subscribers got YouTube Premium and YouTube premium subscribers got Discord Nitro.

Another good example of Discord promotions is Epic games giving out free discord nitro.

What I am trying to explain here, keep an eye out for these kinds of promotions because if you are eligible for the offer its 100% guaranteed that you will receive Discord Nitro.

If you are reading this article before 13th MAY you might also want to keep an eye out for Discord’s Birthday.

Every year on their birthday, they stream on YouTube and twitch in which they give out hundreds of Nitro codes.

Method #4: Monetize Your Skills

What if I said instead of depending on others to get nitro good for you, you can earn it yourself.

Of course there is SALAD for idle PC mining but monetizing your skills as they like to call it so you can actually trade your skills for Nitro.

If you are good at photoshop or something specific like logo making, banner designing, and such you can advertise your skills and work for others for them to give you money or nitro.

Other Miscellaneous Ways

These ways are not complex enough for their own point in this guide:


The owner of a partner DISCORD server will get a lifetime supply of Discord nitro as long as the server meets all the requirements of getting partnered.

It’s not for everybody though if you have a fairly large Discord server. I would recommend making your way toward getting partnered.

2. Taking PART in Discord Big Bounty and Hackathon

How Not to GET Discord Nitro for FREE

To avoid being banned from Discord try not to get discord nitro for free through nitro generators, scam bots, and invites equal nitro groups.

1. Nitro Generators

This is probably the worst method of attempting to get Discord Nitro.

You need nitro for a lot of reasons like high quality screen sharing and higher size file sharing for work, school or something and can’t really afford it.

It is very hard to generate a Nitro code.

2. Invites equals Nitro

This is a huge red flag that you should stay away from.

If the sole purpose of a server is to give nitro for invites, its most likely trying to scam you.

WHAT I mean by that is if a server has 10 invites equals Nitro classic as their name, don’t even bother.

3. Scam Bots

Official Discord Nitrobots message you saying you have one free nitro. They keep on generating several invites. This is done in promotion of their bots but no legit Nitro is offered in the process.

4. Steam Scam

One of the great way people have tried to run Discord NITRO scam is by using fake steam links.

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