How To Get Stepn Activation Codes ( Best Guide in 3 Simple steps!)

STEPN is a web3 lifestyle application that offers GameFi and SocialFi features while assisting in creating an interactive experience and enhancing users’ healthy lifestyles.

The Solana-based NFT game motivates users while monitoring their movements (walking, jogging, and running) and rewards them with cryptocurrency tokens that can be traded for other currencies or still used within the game.

With the gaming element in the application,  players are highly engaged as they are involved in randomly finding and dropping treasure boxes during their physical activity.

The application being the first sports app built on the Solana blockchain not only left thousands of people amused by its unique features but also turned the cryptocurrency world upside down within a nutshell after its launch in March 2022.

This was through the overwhelming GMT trading volume that dominated major cryptocurrency exchanges and the incredibly exciting price growth attracted lots of new users with many of them still currently looking for better ways of earning more crypto on the app.

In order for you to start using the STEPN app, you will need get a STEPN activation code.

Getting activation codes was as easy as answering a simple 6-question quiz but due to the overwhelming new entrances and the leaking of the correct answers, the number of codes sent for users in a day was limited to only 2000 and this still leaves many people anxious and frustrated since the codes are so few compared to the population of players and new entrants.

Mind you, the potential earning is reportedly high and some players have reported having earned about $200- $600 in just a single day.

How to get STEPN activation codes

Below are some of the guaranteed methods you can use to enhance your chances of being able to get a STEPN activation code!

1. Use the  discord channel  to get an activation code

Get Stepn Activation Codes

This method is simple yet tricky since hundreds of thousands of people are on a lookout for whatever code is sent.

To use the discord method, join a STEPN discord group, and complete your profile as instructed in the pinned group message.

When a person posts an activation code, use it on your application instantly in order to get verified

2. Get a code on telegram

When you open your telegram account, there is a web page that can lead you to the page where you can obtain your activation code.

Simply look up tags such as “STEPN Activation Code“, STEPN” or “STEPN Code

Take note that telegram gets a maximum of 1000 activation codes and once they are done, no one else can get a code on telegram.

The activation code link is the same and it is refreshed daily at exactly 13:00 UTC/24:00AEDT.

Users are recommended to always wait until it is the exact time before opening the link.

By doing this, the user’s chances of getting an activation code are higher.

Also try refreshing as many times as possible since the scramble for codes at the time is so intense.

3. Ask another player to share with you a code

You can also ask friends and other players using the STEPN application to help you out! You should always remember that for every 10 Energy spent, every user earns an activation codebut users cannot accumulate activation codes.

The next time you meet a friend or user of STEPN, try persuading them into sending you their next 10 energy spent activation code.

Note: – 10 Energy is equivalent to 5days of jogging, walking, or running with regular common sneakers NFT.

So the next time you meet a STEPN app user or friend, try persuading them into sharing their next 10 energy activation code with you.

This method is only suitable for people with an ambiguous following on social media, you will need to have a minimum of 1000 followers or subscribers and you will receive 10 codes for every 1000 people that follow you on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media platforms.

Using this method, you can get a maximum of 100 codes in a day! Only make sure to wisely use them.

Those who don’t beat the minimum of 1000 followers can however ask the friends they know who have the 1000+ followers to request codes and after sharing amongst different people, they wish to.

In order for the social media influencer to obtain these codes, they are supposed to fill in a form this includes details of the social media platform, they are basing on to write and in return obtain 10 access codes for every 1000 followers they have.

What is the daily limit for STEPN activation codes

The daily limit of activation codes is 2000 with 1000 codes limited to telegram and 1000 for discord.

Other people however to receive extra codes when their friends send them their 10 energy spent activation codes, or receive activation codes from social media influencers.

What nft sneakers cannot do in the app

There are different types of sneaker NFTs depending on whether the player is a Jogger, runner, or simply a walker. These differ in quality and a player can upgrade the attributes of their sneakers depending on their personal interest or speed of doing exercise.

However, a user cannot collect energy shards using nft sneakers. By this, one cannot collect activation codes that they receive as a reward after 5days of consistent running, jogging, or walking.

Conclusion on Getting Stepn Activation Codes

Combining cryptocurrency, a healthy lifestyle, and carbon offsetting in one application moreover as a game is not something you get to see often, right?

STEPN is so extraordinary and within a few months after its launch has fascinated quite a number of people as they earn and at the same time improve their health.

The only three legit methods to get a STEPN activation code is through joining a stepn discord group, telegram group or ask another player to share with you the code.

We look forward to seeing more developmental apps like STEPN in the near future!

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