Google Doodle Games Pacman 30th Anniversary(Play Online!)

Are you a fan and player of Pac-Man? In this guide, we have explained all that you wish to know about the game that is Pacman 30th Anniversary, Pac Man 30th anniversary full screen, the scoring system, the game history, Pacman 30th anniversary game behavior, controls, the Ghosts and how to play the game.

Pacman is an arcade game developed by Namco and first released in Japan on May 22nd, 1980.

It was created by Japanese video game designer Toru Iwatani.

Iwatani started work at Namco in 1977 at the age of 22 and initially had no particular interest in designing video games Infact he had no training as a designer or programmer.

Development started in April of 1979 and took about one year to make.

Pac-Man was developed with just a nine-man team which was really incredible.

It was licensed for distribution in the USA by Midway Games and released in the US just five months after Japan.

Google Doodle Games Pacman 30th Anniversary

Google Doodle Games Pacman 30th Anniversary

Pacman Google Doodle was developed by MARTIN WICHARY and published by Google on May 21st 2010.

The game genre is Maze and supported 1-2 players. This playable HTML 5 game was created to celebrate Pacman’s success during Pacman 30th Anniversary.

On the 21st of May 2010, the game was featured on Google’s homepage for nearly 48hrs that is roughly 2 days before being removed.

The game is nevertheless still accessed by searching the term Pacman or doodle then looking it up in the list.

Pacman’s 30th-anniversary game was unique in the way that it had a maze around the Google logo patterns.

It supported two player mode which could be done by inserting a coin at the start of the game.

The developer tried not to change the game’s originality with only the maze bringing the difference but the Ghost AI remained the same.

Google Doodle Games Pacman 30th Anniversary- Ghosts

Ghosts also known as monster by the original developer Toru Iwatani are spectral figures that stay in Ghost Land.

They travel to Pac-Land mainly to cause trouble and mischief to Pacman and Ms.Pacman.

Though sometimes these ghosts are nice, they show cruelty to Pacman that is if he is not intending to swallow them.

The Ghosts in Pacman’s 30th anniversary include Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde, and Sue. Sue surfaced after the introduction of Ms.Pacman.

These Ghosts attack Pac-residents by beating them with teeth not well known visually.

They also have a weakness which is Power Pellet. In Pacman and the Ghostly adventures animated series and games, the power pellet was replaced by Power Berries. This gave Pac-man more ability to defeat Ghosts even more.

Google Doodle Games Pacman 30th Anniversary- Ghost Gang and their Character

This is the original ghost group from the launch of the game. They include Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde.

Sometimes joined by Sue who originates from Ms.Pacman in place of Clyde.

1. BlinkyRedBad Tempered, Crude, Fast, Bully, Bossy,
Sarcastic, Greedy, Aggressive, Leader.
2. InkyCyan/BlueShy, reckless, Unpredictable, Wacky, Aggressive
3. PinkyPink/MagentaPersistent, Tricky, Beautiful, Happy, Adorable, Lovely,
Known to have a crush on Pacman, only female Ghost.
4. ClydeOrangeCowardly, Stupid, Hopeless, Lazy,
He doesn’t care about chasing Pacman.
5. SuePurplePowerful, Slow and Annoying.

Pacman Google Doodle Scoring System

The table below displays the score after pacman eats any of the items below:

1. Pac-Dot 10points
2. Power Pellet50 points
3. #1 ghost 200 points
4. #2 in succession400 points
5. #3 ghosts in succession800 points
6. #4 ghosts in succession 1600 points
7. Cherry 100 points
8. Strawberry 300 points
9. Orange 500 points
10. Apple 700 points
11. Melon1000 points
12. Galaxian Flagship2000 points
13. Bell 3000 points
14. Key5000 points.

Split Screen (256th level)

When someone plays until 256th level, the right side become garbled mess of code and the left is still fine Maze.

The right side still has some Pac-Dots around. If you use the hack to skip the level, the game goes back to the beginning level.

This is a bug so the game is complete at 255th level.

Sometimes this is referred to as Kill screen. At this stage our display turns into a mess of numbers and letters. This is like a game over screen.

Pacman 30th Anniversary Controls

CharacterSign Direction
1. Pac-manMove Left
Move Down
Move Up
Move Right
2. Ms. Pac-Man AMove left
WMove up
SMove Down
DMove Right

How to Play Pac-Man 30th Anniversary Game

To play Pacman 30th anniversary game, go to and search for pacman google doodle in the search bar.

Tap on play and press ” insert coin ” and wait for the game to start.

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