How To Duplicate ALLAYS In Minecraft? In Minecraft, the allies will be able to be duplicated.

So instead of having to find the allays, you only need one allay and can duplicate it to get more.

This is only in the snapshot for so it isn’t in the game yet but will be in soon.

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How this works is when the Jukebox is playing the allays will dance to the music.

The Allays will have to be in range and this could be any music disc.

The dancing animation is mostly spinning so when this is happening you can give give the amethyst shard to the Allay and they will duplicate another Allay.

The Allay doesn’t have to have Amethyst shard in its hand and this can done with the Allay already having something in its hand.

If you want to know more about the amethyst shard and how to get them of a card on the top right, there is a two minute and 30 seconds cooldown before you can duplicate the Allay again.

Also the new Allay will have the same cooldown.

With the short cooldown, only needing one allay to duplicate it can be very quick to turn one allay into 16 in 10 minutes.


In summary, to duplicate an allay in Minecraft you need a jukebox and you need a music disc and then you need the Allay.

The Allay will start dancing and all you need to do is to give it an amethyst shard.

It will duplicate another allay, you can’t duplicate another right away.

You have to wait two and a half minutes before you can duplicate another Allay.

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