How to Hide Page on a Website

If you are searching for a way to hide a page on a website then you are probably an automotive retailer. But hey even if you are new to all this and looking to hide your page on a website, keep reading with us to discover all you need to know.

We all learn what we know and it’s no different than how to hide a page on a website. So, either you are new or have been on the website, we take you through the step-by-step process to Hide a Page on a Website.

What is a website?

How to Hide Page on a Website

For those not well acquainted with website, it’s an online platform that provides paying users a place to sell their automobiles by creating their online dealership.

So people opt for a website because you get to own and manage a website without paying the hefty fees that come with having your website.

The features are direct making it user-friendly for users who easily locate what they are looking for.

You also enjoy a large market space to mention but a few. So let’s get right into why we are here today.

Why would you hide pages on a website?

You may be thinking that the reason you got on a website is to get as many people to view my page and increases the chances of sales. And yes you are right but hiding certain pages improves the user and makes buying cars much easier.

Why? You may ask! When creating a dealership on a website, you create several pages and some contain high-value personal information so, hiding a page limits access and grants it to those you want to see it. This not only enables the page to load faster but also enhances the user experience which is a bonus.

More than that, hiding a page on a website helps you keep confidential information from the general public.

You can easily hide unwanted pages so only your relevant information is indexed in the search engine which is a good SEO optimization strategy that helps you rank.

When you hide a page on a website, you reduce your vulnerabilities making it hard to hack your website.

Now that we know the benefits of hiding a page on a dealer, com website, let’s show you how you can hide a page.

Keep in mind that when you hide a page on a website, you cannot see it when you search for it on because google is not able to scan it.

However, you can access the hidden page with a direct link and whoever has that link can also access the page as well.

Step-by-step process on how to hide a page on a website on a laptop.

The obvious is you should have a website and log into it then click on the dashboard.

Go to pages then find the one you want to hide and click on them.

After selecting the pages to hide on a website, select the hide option from the options they present you with.

In the event you don’t see the hide option or you just want a shortcut, type “CTRL” + “S” then type “Hide This Page” and you will see the option on a website.

How to hide a page on a website on a phone

Access your website using a chrome browser.

Click on the page you want to hide then select the “Hide This Page” option.

Alternatively, you can click on the three dots button on your browser then select “Find This Page” and then type in “Hide this page”. Select the page and ensure to save the changes.

Other ways to hide a page on a website

There is an option on the dashboard of deleting the page you don’t need hence hiding it but ensure the page is irrelevant to you or in case you are having second thoughts, you can back up the page so you can access it when you need it in the future.

When you go to page settings on your website dashboard, there are options for features to hide pages on a website and you can select the one you like.

Although the steps we take you through work, in case you are in a situation where you can’t seem to hide a page on a website, contact the support team and they will offer you all the help you may need.

Can I hide social media icons on a website?

Yes, you can hide social media icons on a website.

Although social media markets your brand, it can be a little too much in the eyes of clients who come to your website looking to see images of cars.

And yes, you could have been excited when creating the page and so includes all your social media icons to promote yourself but now you want to remove them.

Well, the good news is it’s possible and the steps we take you through the above work even to hide social media icons on your website.

Parting remarks on how to hide a page on a website

Although having a website on comes with its advantages like cutting down costs of managing your website, it also comes with its own set of challenges.

Hiding a page on a website is one of those essential things every dealer should have at their fingertips especially to help with protecting their confidential information and reducing risks of hacking their website.

With the information we provide, you should comfortably be able to hide pages on your website and the social media icon both on your laptop or phone.

In case you have trouble navigating any of these, the support team is always there at your disposal so feel free to contact them.

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