How to Mod the Google Snake Game (4steps!)

Looking for how to mod the google snake game and have a better experience during your game?

The steps are simple and clear beginning with the download of the google snake menu mod from GitHub.

Before downloading google snake menu mod, only a few limited options are available.

But when you obtain the snake game mod menu, you unblock many features like snake skin, multiple backgrounds, images, changing the food the snake eats, and as well as increasing the speed and size of snake.

It is an updated menu made by July 2022 and it is only available for use on chrome browser currently.

In this guide, we have explained how to mod the snake game in four steps.

How to Mod the Google Snake Game

How to Mod the Google Snake Game (4steps!)

To mod the google snake Game, you need to download the google snake menu mod, go to your chrome bookmark manager, import bookmarks and use the Mod MENU.

1. Download the Google Snake Menu Mod

Step 1: Go to the GitHub website link so as to download the google Snake Menu Mod. The link is trustworthy because it is a GitHub page.

Step 2: On the Google Snake Menu Mod page under Assets, you will see a list of links that is more menu.html, source code (zip) and source code (tar.gz).

Step 3:  Click on more menu.html and the file will start to immediately download. The file will be downloaded in html file just leave it as it is.

Step 4: Download is done lets now proceed to the chrome bookmark manager. This is because we have to import the downloaded html to our chrome bookmark manager.

2. Go to the Chrome Bookmark Manager

Step 1: Open a new tab on your chrome browser and in the search bar simply type in chrome: //Bookmarks and hit enter. You will be redirected to the chrome bookmark page having book bar, other bookmarks on the left.

Step 2: On the very right of the bookmark page, you will see these three dots, tap on the three dots.

Step 3: A drop down menu list will automatically display, simply tap on import bookmarks that is below Add new folder.

3. Import Bookmarks

Step 1: After clicking import bookmarks, choose the same file that you have download. This is usually located in the “downloads” folder.

Step 2: Select it and tap on open to upload the file.  The html file will be uploaded and it will display in the imported section.

Step 3: On the left hand menu, if you click on the imported, you will find the file that is having a title more menu stuff.

4. Use the Menu Mod

Step 1: To use the menu mods, simply click on the three dots and imported more menu stuff uploaded folder. A display on screen stating, edit bookmark with section like name, URL, cancel and save will surface.

Step 2:  To quickly identify it, I suggest you rename it chrome snake game menu and click save. Once done, just go to the snake game again.

Step 3:  To go to the snake game, type in google snake game in the chrome search bar.

Step 4:  Click on play to open the game on the browser. If you have few books, your imported game menu mod will be shown on the chrome bar just above the game.

Step 5:  If you don’t see it, click on the three dots in the right hand corner. A MENU having new tab, new window, history, download and so on will be displayed.

Step 6: Move your cursor and select Bookmarks from list. Or you can use the shortcut (ctrl+shift+B) to show the bookmark bar.

Step 7: A list of bookmarked pages and folders will be displayed, click on the imported file having chrome google snake menu. After clicking on it Google snake mod menu will be activated.

Go ahead and check the new menu features.

How to get Dark mode on Snake Game

To get dark mode on snake game:

  • Click on the link and it will direct you to the GitHub site.
  • Go down to the second html file and right click it (file).
  • Press save link as and then click save.
  • Once you did that, go to the three dots in the top corner.
  • Then drag your mouse over bookmarks and click book manager.
  • Once you get there go to the three dots in the blue area and click import bookmarks.
  • Find the one you imported, click on it and then press open.
  • Once you do that go back to the Snake game.
  • Click on the three dots and go to bookmarks.
  • At the bottom should be the dark mode bookmark. It will probably say imported.
  • Then just hover over imported and dark mode should pop up and you click it.
  • Now you have dark mode snake game.

What is the highest Google Snake Game Score?

The google snake game highest score was set at 256 points

How do You Get Mods on Google Snake Game on PC or Computer?

To get google snake mods on a school computer or your personal Chromebook.

Search up, now on the top right look on search GitHub and then type google snake and press Enter.

Click on the link that appears on the top.

It will open up in new page on your right, click on google snake menu mod.

It will also open in a new page under assets, click to download more menu.html.

After the download is complete, go on another tab, click on bookmarks, select book manager.

Bookmarks will open, click on the three dots on the right, hover down and select import bookmarks.

In downloads, click on more menu.html and press open. Head to the google snake game by typing in the search bar of your browser.

Click play and then click on imported, select the bookmark having more menu stuff.

Tap on the settings gear icon, there you will have your mods.


Do you want to mod the google snake game simply? Do the following;

  • Download the google snake menu mod.
  • Go to the chrome Bookmark Manager.
  • Import Bookmarks.
  • Use the menu mods.

That is how quickly you can mod the google snake game though many players have the problem of finding the bookmark section. So if you don’t see it, on the right hand side top corner, click on the three dots and hover up to bookmarks and then you will see the entire list.

Then go to chrome snake game menu mod or whatever you name it and click on it and it will start working automatically.

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