List of Snapchat Plus Features

Snapchat released a new feature which is basically called the snapchat plus.

This provides you with exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features.

This will entail seeing who rewatched your story and also seeing ghost trails that are persons in particular locations.

But those individuals must have Snapchat plus as well.

The subscription features include; $3.99 per month, $21.99 per 6 months, and $39.99 per year.

It would be wise to test it using the one-week trial before subscribing.

Snapchat plus is currently only available in United States, Canada, German, Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE(United Arab Emirates), New Zealand, and France.

Though Snapchat + is planning on extending to cover the globe shortly so keep that in mind.

These are experimental features so you don’t expect them to work 100%.

In this guide. I have brought to you the list of Snapchat plus features explained in detail to give you a thorough understanding of their usage.

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List of Snapchat Plus Features

Upon subscription, you will have access to a list of Snapchat plus features that include;

  • Friend Solar System.
  • Snapchat + Badge(An exclusive Feature).
  • Story Rewatch Count.
  • Ghost Trails.
  • Custom App Icon/ Themes.
  • Best Friends Forever.

Ghost trails simply show you places or locations someone has been to or traveled to.

These features are exclusive and unavailable for all snapchat users.

With time, these features will be rolled out to other users since they are currently experimental.

As a Snapchat + user, you will have a cool badge beside your profile.

Story rewatch count will enable you to know of your stalkers and people rewatching your story.

Here are the features explained in detail and their usage.

1. Story Rewatch Count

The rewatch indicator is one of the most exciting features of this subscription.

If you wanna know if your story is engaging then you can check how many it has been rewatched.

If a lot of people rewatched it, it means they like it and it’s engaging to your viewers.

Per the Snapchat help guide, you need to look for a pair of eye emojis beneath your stories.

You can only see this if you have Snapchat+.

To see if anyone has rewatched your story you post.

Tap on the story you posted.

Then swipe up. On the screen, you are looking for a pair of eyes emoji.

Whatever number appears on the screen that means many people have rewatched it.

It only counts one rewatched by a person, it does not count the total number it has been rewatched by that same person.

Hence if someone rewatches your story multiple times it only counts as one rewatch.

Note story rewatch count only works if enabled as shown below.

List of Snapchat Plus Features

2. Snapchat+ Badge

To get the exclusive Snapchat+ Badge, under our profile, there is the Snapchat + Banner showing also the date you joined premium feature.

Tap on it, you will be redirected to another page having a list of features that as BFF, Snapchat + badge, story rewatch count and ghost trails.

Tag on the snapchat+ badge by tapping on the option.

List of Snapchat Plus Features

Go back to your profile, you will see the exclusive Snapchat + badge beside your username.

This will indicate to your friends that you are using Snapchat plus.

3. Ghost Trails

This is a new feature and exclusive only to Snapchat plus users.

On your Profile Icon, you need to tap on Snapchat +.

Enable Ghost Trails. With this feature, you can track a friend’s whereabouts in the last 24hrs.

List of Snapchat Plus Features

It will only work with your friends who make their location visible to you as well as possessing a Snapchat + in their country.

Simply tap on your friend’s bitmoji on the map to see their Ghost Trails.

List of Snapchat Plus Features

4. Friends Solar System

To access your friends solar system, click on snapchat+ below your username.

It is only exclusive to snapchat+ users.

Basically this is how much you communicate with your friends.

Snapchat+ will automatically detected which friend you are closest with.

It displays a gold ring around someone’s friendship profile.

Best Friends means each other closest or tight friends.

Friends means you are one of their eight close friends but they are not of yours.

To see which planet you belong, simply tap on the badge.

List of Snapchat Plus Features

Planetary bodies include mercury, Venus, earth, mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

The closest one to earth shows how much that friend is close to you.

5. Custom App Icons/ Themes

List of Snapchat Plus Features

It gives you the ability to change the app icon.

It is only available on IOS and not for android devices at the moment.

On Snapchat +| icon, you need to select the App icon.

You can select from a bunch of icons.

6. Best Friend Forever

List of Snapchat Plus Features

One of the feature of snapchat + is ability to pin your best friend as your friend forever.

When one is pinned they will appear at top of your chat list as your number one best friend.

This allows you to easily visit their profiles or chat with them.

It does require your friend to have an existing friend emoji to pin them.

To pin your someone as Best Friend Forever simply do the following:

  • On your phone, open up your snapchat app.
  • Tap on your emoji at the top left.
  • Here scroll through the list and select which friend you want to pin as your Best Friend Forever.

Unfortunately, only one friend can be pinned as Best Friend Forever.

  • Once you find that friend, hold and press on the person.
  • On this menu, tap on “pin x as your No.1 BFF

The name should appear at top of your list. You will see the Best Friend Forever Badge under their username.


Having the old version of Snapchat is pretty very good though Snapchat + inputted some interesting features at a very low price that is 3.99$ per month.

There is a chance that these features will be available on the standard Snapchat with time.

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