Mistakes You Need to Avoid Doing Tower of Fantasy

A lot of you are going to play a new game called Tower of Fantasy which is the right decision because it is a good game.

But before doing that you need to be aware of some mistakes that you don’t want to do in cyber game.

This article will tell you 10 mistakes you need to avoid doing in Tower of Fantasy.

Many of you who didn’t get to play the CBT version all on the Chinese server.

This video will be a great start for those new to the game.

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Mistakes You Need to Avoid Doing Tower of Fantasy

Mistakes to avoid doing Tower of Fantasy include don’t upgrade low tier weapons, do not level up to many weapons Early and spend you stamina efficiently.

In addition gadgets matter, exp and quest daily cap, gear and chips are other important things to mind.

Similarily gearsome, buffs , weekly bosses and raids are other mistakes to avoid in the Tower of fantasy.

Finally time limited chests while exploring.

Here are the mistakes you need to avoid doing tower of fantasy:

1. Don’t Upgrade Low Tier Weapons

Mistakes You Need To Avoid Doing Tower Of Fantasy

One of the most common mistake that most of you are gonna make is to upgrade the three star weapon that you get at the start of the game.

Please don’t do that because you will be wasting your precious material at that point.

All the three star weapons are not that good.

Wait until you get atleast a 4 or 5 star weapon before you start using your upgrade material.

2. Don’t Level Up to Many Weapons Early

Mistakes You Need To Avoid Doing Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has a lot of weapons that you can use but in the early stages of the game stick with what you like the most.

Before you start upgrading multiple weapons place them out and select your best weapon.

Don’t level up multiple weapons at the same time if you are not gonna use them.

Upgrade the ones you like the most.

3. Spend Your Stamina Efficiently.

Mistakes You Need To Avoid Doing Tower Of Fantasy

Stamina is the most important resource in the game like any other catcher game, Tower of Fantasy also has a stamina system.

Most of the in-game activities require a right stamina so you need to know which activities are all using.

At the moment, there are only 5 activities in the game that require right stamina.

That is Joint operation, Dimensional Trials, Interstellar operation, omnium beacon and spacetime beacon.

From what I tasted so far from the Chinese server Joint operation and Dimensional Trial are 100% worth spending your vitality.

Joint Operation has a chance to drop gear and chips which are very crucial towards your character progression.

Instead Dimensional Trial gives you average materials for all your weapons which are very important as well.

You will want to spend most of your vitality on these two activities.

As for the rest, they are not or not that much especially in the early stages of the game.

4. Gadgets

Mistakes You Need To Avoid Doing Tower Of Fantasy

Gadgets are very important system in tower of fantasy, they can be used to help to solve different puzzles, help you in the open world, providing damage, killing and shielding in combat as well.

Especially in the early stages of the game. They will help you all out.

Don’t forget to use them as much as possible.

5. Daily Exp/Quest Cap

Many of you would probably know about this if you didn’t play Tower of Fantasy before.

But the game has a system that will cap your daily Exp .

You cannot grind exp as you can in other endlessly as you can in other because you have a daily cap.

The same thing applies to the main story quest as well.

I wish show you how much you can level up each day and how much exp you can get keep in mind the system is applied at the start of the game.

Mistakes You Need To Avoid Doing Tower Of Fantasy

6. Gears and Chips

One of the most important things that will actually increase your damage is the chips and the gears.

My recommendation is to find the one you want most for your weapons.

Don’t waste your time on the ones that you don’t want or you are not going to use because they are very expensive.

The normal gear on the other hand is much easier to get because we can also buy the pieces that you need.

Do not forget to label them as much as possible especially the normal gear.

Even if you have green pieces try upgrading them as much as you can because the exp will not be lost when you switch to a better piece.

7. Raids and Weekly Bosses

Raids are also important but they are not available until the later stages of the game.

The raids are weekly side activities that you do together with players, so do each weekly reset.

Both the raids and bosses are stamina free activities so you don’t have to worry about that.

8. GearScore

Mistakes You Need To Avoid Doing Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has a gearscore system to help you track the progression of your character.

Don’t stress too much about this because it is not that important.

Some activities like raids for example have a gearscore requirement.

It is important to keep track of it but don’t stress too much about it.

9. Buffs

Mistakes You Need To Avoid Doing Tower Of Fantasy

Buffs are so much important because you can stock a lot of them.

They are multiple consumables that give you important buffs.

One of them is the cooking system.

They are a bunch of recipes that you can learn by combining ingredients which actually help a lot especially in combat.

They can be used pretty much everywhere except maybe the pbp.

10. Time-Limited Chests

Mistakes You Need To Avoid Doing Tower Of Fantasy

The last one is not that important but I want to mention it because it is better to know especially if you are new to the game.

They are a lot of time limited chests along the wall.

Most of them when you discover them for the first time will have a timer on them.

Inorder to open that chest, you have to wait the timer is gone.

So it is best to mark it on your map and comeback after the timer has expired.

In simple terms don’t waste time on them if you can’t open them yet.


Those above are the 10 mistakes that you should avoid doing in Tower Of Fantasy.

None of them are going to ruin your account if you made them but its better to be aware of them and avoid them.

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