How to Fix Privacy Check on Instagram

Are you searching for ways of solving privacy checks on Instagram?

Look no more in this article we have covered in detail the best ways to Fix Privacy Check on Instagram

Like most applications, Instagram is also affected by bugs and glitches that slow down the normal functioning by limiting users from easily accessing their accounts or even completely blocking them from accessing their accounts.

Many users have been affected by such errors and are seen complaining about other social media platforms about the ability to access their accounts and for that, I guess you already know you are not alone.

What are “Privacy Checks” on Instagram?

For starters, a privacy check error is a bug on Instagram that was experienced by multiple users at the beginning of 2022 and this bug affects both the mobile phone and PC versions of Instagram.

The “privacy check” page pops up on one’s screen and the page is usually blank with the words “privacy check” at the top of the navigation bar as shown.

Fix Privacy Check on Instagram

When this error occurs, you will not be able to exit the page since it doesn’t have an option for doing so.

You will be zeroed to only closing the app and re-opening the app but even if you do so, the error will definitely pop up again, leaving the user with limited alternatives like deleting the current application.

How to fix privacy check on Instagram

Fixing privacy checks shouldn’t give you constant headaches, try out these simple steps. I assure you that glitch will be long gone:

1. Logging in and out of your account

Before anything, try logging out of your account and logging back as many times as possible using the website, you never know it is just a minor glitch.

That can be sorted by only that.

2. Clear your phone’s cache memory

Cache not only causes slowing down of phone apps but can slow the entire operating system of your gadget, doing this will delete temporary files and this sorts some issues on bugs.

3. Use the down detector to be sure of where the problem originates

Privacy check errors are quite similar to checkpoints since they also occur when the Instagram application is down.

In order to confirm this, use a browser of your choice to access the down detector website.

Search for Instagram on the down detector page and critically observe the graph.

Spikes in the graph as shown below will definitely indicate that the application is down and you won’t be left with any other option but to wait until the error is rectified by the developers, this usually doesn’t take more than 24hours.

4. Use incognito mode if you are using a PC

While using a computer, you can open the Instagram application using an incognito browser, this will mean you will be using the application without your browsing history, site data, and cookies being tracked.

In order to do so; – right click on the chrome icon and select new incognito window as shown below

You can then navigate to the Instagram website and log into your account.

After this, no error messages will be detected in your Instagram since your activity will not be tracked anymore.

Fix Privacy Check on Instagram

5. Uninstall your application and re-download

This requires you to get rid of the Instagram account you have on your gadget by deleting it (Select the Instagram application and click on the uninstall option), you can then go to the Play Store lookup Instagram and select download.

This procedure is actually highly recommended since it helps you download a more recent version of the application (updated)

In addition to that cache is also wiped and this fixes a lot of glitches and bugs that may have affected your previous application’s normal functioning.


Is my Instagram public or private?

Instagram accounts can be either private or public depending on a user’s preference, the changes can be made by adjusting settings.

 Allowing your account to be public will mean that anyone can view and access all the media that you post regardless of whether they follow you or not and the opposite applies to the private accounts, only those that you set to view and share your posts will.

How do I recover my Instagram account?

Worried that you are not having access to your Instagram account? Here a few steps you would follow to recover it; –

  • Open your Instagram application
  • Enter the phone number or email you remember last using
  • Select forgot password, then select need more help.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions in order to submit a support request, you will then be helped by the service providers to recover your account.

How do you change share settings on Instagram?

In order for you to change your share settings; –

  • Tap on the bottom right part of your profile picture. This will open your profile.
  • Tap on the gear icon in the top right part then select share settings.
  • Select accounts center then select Story and post sharing.
  • You can then select the accounts from which your posts can be shared and those that can view them when you post.

Does Instagram have privacy issues?

Certainly, Instagram has privacy issues and has been ranked as the most invasive application due to its ability to gather and share users’ data.

This is however more common in public accounts since anyone can access all the media that you post and is free to use whatever they get on your account in whichever way they wish to,

this could however be minimized if the users learned not to post very sensitive info or even make their accounts private and restrict on who views or shares the content posted.


Instagram is infested by multiple glitches and bugs that cause different error messages.

If the problem is with the application being down, be patient and wait until that will be fixed by the developers.

However, always make sure to be using an updated version of the application and make it a habit to regularly clear the cache memory of the gadget you use, also avoid using unauthorized third-party applications while using Instagram.

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