Ranboo Face Reveal (Networth & Bio)

The Ranboo face reveal is one that got so many fans excited considering the influence he has on YouTube and Twitch, undeniable by the number of his followers.

A few sources had claims of a Ranboo face reveal on TikTok in 2021 from a leak in his video but there was no substancial evidence to back it up although he doesn’t mind teasing fans once in a while but does not fully reveal his face.

With so many content creators on YouTube and Twitch, there has to be something about you to have over 4 million followers.

Some can justify their followers by the decades they spent building their carrers on these platforms while for others like Ranboo, a few years on these platforms and they have an audience exceeding a thousand followers.

Well, so much comes with the fame so most of these streamers choose to keep their identity private.

Their fans cant help but grab any opportunity to know a new detail about them and the Ranboo face reveal is one that got so many fans talking and received millions of views on YouTube.

Who is Ranboo?

Ranboo Face Reveal

Talk about fast growing Twitch streamers and YouTube content creators and Ranboo will definitely appear among the names topping your list.

Ranboo is an 18 year old male as of 2022 born in the United States. His an A merican who resides in the San Fransico Bay, Carlifornia.

His birthdate is the 27 December, 2003.

He is a 5’8” (1.73m), weighs and weighs 154 pounds (70kgs). He also has light blue eyes and dark brown hair.

He is single and chooses to keep is family from the lime lights.

How did Ranboo grow to one of the fast growing YouTubers and streamers on Twitch?

Creating content on these platforms is about providing value for your audience.

Many content creators like Ranboo start and hit the jackpot create content that meets the needs of a certain market who then welcome it with open arme.

For Ranboo, he rose to fame when he started providing value for the Minecraft lovers and this was on the 11 September, 2020 and he experienced an increase in the number of his followers at a skyrocketing speed that many streamers and YouTubers never experience for their entire careers on these platforms.

He also attributes his success to when he was raided on his broadcast by Dream SMP Players and there was no turning back for Ranboo as a YouTuber. He continued gaining more followers and he hit a milestone in his career when Dream’s servers invited him to join them.

On his channel, he displays various video games like Minecraft, UNO, to mention but a few.

He also does Minecraft live streaming with some friends.

His success is evident and we all can see it. Imagine having two Twitch accounts both performing so well.

His primary account, has more than 4.2 million followers with an average of 200K views per stream.

The second channel is soon hitting 800K followers with an average of 100k views per stream.

He also has two YouTube channels. He started the first one on the 30 January 2020 and he has grown it to 3.89 million subscribers with a total of 64.87 million views.

He posts content from his Twitch channel on his YouTube channel and we can honestly admit he is living our dream lives!

Ranboo continues to grow and collaborate with people in similar industries and one of the recent ones is Youtooz, a Canadian Collectable firm where they develop several plushies based on personal characters.

What is behind Ranboos mask?

Behind the facemask is Ranboos true identity and although you can identify someone you know even when they have a mask on, it’s different when you have never seen the person.

Ranboo always has a face mask on and a pair of black shades.

The Ranboo face reveal that his fans have is his forehead and hair. He always has a face mask on to protect the other features of his face.

However on the 26th November, 2021, as he was celebrating the National Ranboo Day first anniversary, he took off his sun glasses revealing his eyes which left fans wild and excited.

What is Ranboos net worth?

As of 2022, his net worth as a streamer on Twitch and YouTube content creator is estimated at $5 million.

On YouTube, he earns between $8.7-10.3K and he earns between $162-175k on Twitch monthly, bringing him to an annual income of between $1.94-2.1 million.


Who is Ranboo?

Ranboo is an American YouTube content creator and Twitch streamer who hides his identity behind a facemask and sunglasses.

How old is Ranboo?

Ranboo is 18 years as of 2022 and he celebrates his birthday on the 27th December.

What is Ranboos appearance behind the facemask?

Ranboo conceals his identity behind the face mask and sunglasses so no one can tell what he looks like without a mask and sun glasses.

When was the Ranboo face reveal?

We can’t necessarily call it a face reveal but the most Ranboo has done for his fans is take off his sunglasses during a stream and that was in November 2021.

Conclusion on Ranboo Face Reveal

Ranboo is one of those young talents that are growing so fast on Twitch and YouTube.

Like many other streamers and YouTubers, he chooses to keep his identity a secret and conceals his personal information from the general public.

Among his fans he is identified by his face mask and black sunglasses that he wears exposing his hair and forehead.

On one of his streams, however, he removed his sunglasses, exposing his light blue eyes which left fans excited and wild.

His Networth goes to prove that his making a pretty decent living as a streamer and YouTuber yet for him it’s just the beginning of his journey as he explores alternatives in the virtual streamers world and on YouTube.

He is making collaborations with top brand and we can say there is no limit to Ranboo’s success.

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