How to Rank Up to Immortal Valorant

This is an in-depth NO BS guide on how to rank up to immortal. To explain this we must first understand the fundamental principle of ranking up and this part is really important.

This might trigger some people but the reality is that you are not the wreck you want to be because you are not as good as you think you are.

You need to drop your ego because the only way to rank up is through improvement.

More specifically you are to proportionately improve at the three main aspects of Valorant your mechanics, game sense and mentality and the keyword here is proportionally.

To explain this lets use a ladder. So on the ladder, you have pole on the left side lets label it mechanics this includes your aim and movement.

Then you have a pole on the left side labelled game sense which includes decision making, positioning, ability usage, rotations etc.

And you got the start bars going up the middle let’s call this your mentality which refers to your Ego, your long term mindset, your attitude towards your teammates, bad games and etc.

The key idea is that you need to develop all three skills to move to the next letter of the ladder or in this case to the next rank.

You might have mechanics built up to ascendant and have mentality built to Diamond but if your game sense is stuck at silver, it will be extremely hard for you to rank up Passover or gold.

How to Rank Up to Immortal Valorant

To rank up to IMMORTAL Valorant, you need to improve your mechanics, game sense and mentality.

1. Improve Your Mechanics

How to Rank Up to Immortal Valorant

Mechanics consist of two factors your aim and your movement.

Lets start with your aim. The first thing to do when improving your aim is looking at your sensitivity.

I see so many lower rank players with a very high sensitivity and it just baffles me.

If your mouse pad is too small then buy a big one and if you can’t then still lower your sensitivity.

This isn’t Fortnite where you need to build 90s and honestly if you have good positioning and crosshair placement then you barely even need to move your mouse.

There are many ways to calculate your sensitivity but my recommendation is finding a multiple sensitivity as close as possible to ranges;

  • (800DPI) 0.25- (800DPI) 0.4

Once you find a comfortable sensitivity try not to change it and rank to stick with it so that you can progressively better aim with that sense.

So now you have better sensitivity, we can work up on refining your aim.

When it comes to building your aim, the first thing to look at is your warm-up routine.

There are three main options to look at when it comes to improving your aim.

  • The in-game range
  • Death matches
  • Third party aim trainers.

Its upto you which one you focus on but I think the PREMS method in the range followed by a few deathmatches is best.

This way you practice your mechanics like flicking and micro adjustments in the range and then put everything together in a death match as you added movement and crosshair placement to simulate realest gunfights.

When your deathmatching, you should prioritize your weaknesses that is think about what you need to improve upon.

If you need to improve on your crosshair placement then constantly focus on your Crosshair and pre-aiming angles.

7 Best Movement Tips

  • Pick angles with A+D instead of W to make yourself hard to hit as possible.
  • Letting go of the key to stop moving.
  • Try binding jump.
  • Practice jump peeking around corners.
  • Sell and jump by crouch>jump>uncrouch mid air.
  • Practice and understand how ropes work on icebox.

2. Improve Game sense

How to Rank Up to Immortal Valorant

Game sense includes many concepts like rotations, ability usage, reading the enemy team etc.

But in this guide, I will talk about the three most important concepts required to climb to immortal;

  • Your decision making
  • Positioning
  • Teamplay or team callouts
Decision making

This is where you decide whether you should peek or hold, if you should rotate or wait, if you should save your Ultra retake or use it now.

You might not notice it but you make hundreds of decisions every round and those decisions are often pretty bad as they result in your death or round loss.

One of the best things you can do is learning from your mistakes by recording one of the games and watching it back.

When watching pay close attention to why you are dying and the mistakes you are making.

The other thing that can be better than learning from your own games is finding someone who is already way better than you and learning from them.

Take note on their tricks, playstyle and try to replicate that in your own games that is what do they buy on pistol, common angles, ultimate &ability usage.

The more notes you can take the more you will learn and the best you will become.


Even though positioning is technically part of your decision making, I decide to make a separate section for it because of how important it is.

That said here are the seven most important rules when it comes to having good positioning.

  • Always have a plan.
  • Be ready to retake.
  • Play off Teammates.
  • Angle Perceptions.
  • Peeking and Unpeeking.
  • Off Angles.
  • Can I delay the Defuse? if yes then play further back & use your utility.
Team Callouts
How to Rank Up to Immortal Valorant

Teamcallouts are crucial for ranking up because they create consistency.

Every game, you have four teammates and the only way you can have consistency is through proper communication.

The reason is part of game sense is because team callouts is actually a verbal form of game sense.

You take strategies from your mind and realize them into the actual game.

When it comes to Callouts, they are three main ideas you want to communicate;

  • Your team strategies
  • Enemy info( enemy location, damage dealt)
  • Positivity (Nice try, it’s fine)

Although game sense seems like a very general concept, the most important thing you should focus on is improving your decision making, positioning and teamcallouts.

3. Improve Mentality

It is one of the most important concept. It is not all about being a positive team player.

Here are the five core mentality tips to rank up to immortals in crosshair Valorant;

  1. Drop Your Ego.
  2. Long term Improvement.
  3. Every game is winnable.
  4. Less games more wins.
  5. Take Breaks.


In this guide, we have talked about the fundamental principle of ranking up to immortals in Valorant, why some players can rank up so quickly and how you can quickly improve your mechanics, game sense, and mentality to achieve similar results.

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