How to Recover deleted Instagram messages

When you delete messages on Instagram, they get cleared from your device however they are still stored on Instagram servers.

Instagram offers a feature through which you can download all the shared data of Instagram directly to your phone’s storage.

This data also includes messages, photos, videos and posts.

If you were looking for ways to recover deleted Instagram messages then in this guide you will learn two methods to recover deleted Instagram data.

How to Recover deleted Instagram messages

To Recover deleted Instagram messages, you need to use the recently deleted feature or through Instagram data to your email.

1. Use Recently Deleted Feature

Instagram has now made it easier to recover posts that you have deleted.

You can access the recently deleted feature through the settings option in the app and this applies to reels, videos, photos and igtv videos.

To enable the recently deleted feature, open the Instagram app on your phone.

Go to the profile section and tap on the menu which is in the top right corner.

Select the option settings and further click on option account.

There you will see the recently deleted section.

Go to the option and select the deleted reels, videos, photos, stories and igtv.

2. Through Instagram Data To Your Email

You can recovered deleted Instagram messages through Instagram data.

While you cannot get back the messages you sent to people on Instagram in the app.

You can recover them and send it to your email address to view them.

Here is how you can recover your deleted messages to your email;

Go to your browser and visit webpage.

Don’t use the Instagram app here, you have to visit their website.

Login to your instagram account.

Now click on the profile icon present the top right corner your screen.

Next click on the settings then choose privacy and security from the left side window.

Next scroll down a bit to locate data download.

There click on request Download.

You will directed to a page showing get a copy of your information.

Select html and click next.

They will ask you to verify your identity so click on login again and enter your credentials.

Now enter your email address, you will receive the link to the file with your photos, comments, profile information and more data on Instagram.

So after requesting your data you may need to wait patiently for about 48hours.

Go to your mail box and you will find the mail with a subject Instagram data.

Open the mail and click on download data button.

Your data will then be downloaded as a zip file to your storage.

Unzip the file and go through the data and find messages Jason and Run it with a text editor.

How do I recover deleted Instagram DM?

Click your profile icon and go to your settings. Go to Security and then underneath data & History, hit download data. Go ahead and request data download. Put in your password and hit next. Then it says download requests, simply hit done.

So basically Instagram is going to take your request and compile your entire profile and email you when it is ready.

However if your Instagram has very many messages, photos and videos it will take a while (20-30 minutes or even a day) before sending you an email.

But once you get that email in your mail box stating Instagram information

Click on that email, its gonna give you some brief information like the information will be available for 4 days and then it will delete.

Proceed to click on download. You will be redirected to Instagram login page.

This is done to verify that it is you, go ahead and enter your login details.

It will bring you to the download your data page, click on the link download information.

If you are using iPhone, it will bring up your iCloud folder having your username/batch number.

Go ahead and click on it, it will open up your Instagram folder containing all of your information.

The information includes like messages, likes, information about you, media, recent searches and saved information.

Double click on the message file then it will bring up the message page where it will give you a bunch of different requests and inboxes.

Double click on inbox and then hit on the html file and it will display your conversation with that specific person.

It will show all the conversations you have had with that person even if it was deleted.

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