Roblox Jailbreak Value List 2022

Could be looking for Roblox Jailbreak value list 2022? Worry no more! In this guide we have compiled the up to date Jailbreak lists.

Jailbreak is a Roblox game consisting of cops and prisoners. When playing the game, it is your right to choose between the two options.

The game made by Asimo 3089 and Badcc with similarity to Grand Auto Theft (GTA) came into seen on the 21st of April 2017.

Recently new features have been introduced and now brings the feature of trading and some amazing prices.

Not to leave you behind, we compiled this list so that you can get maximum profits and the best deals in game trading.

Enough with the introduction lets dive into Roblox Jailbreak Value list 2022.

Roblox Jailbreak Value List

For clarity, we divided the lists according to demand and rarity. Rarity means how rare the vehicle or item is while Demand means how much the item or vehicle is wanted.

Rarity is sorted by a number of days a vehicle was available, how old the vehicle was when it was put off for sale or unobtainable, and lastly the price.

Everything on this lists is based on facts, statistics and verifiable sources like Asimo.

Lets go ahead and jump into the lists.

1. Value List Based on Demand

RankingVehicleSearch ResultsJailbreak ResultsTotal Results
1.Torpedo99,365 97,259186,657
2.Brulee108,195 78,131175,084
3.Beignet72,845 24,628 88,528
4.Airtail38,274 31,133 61,901
5.Celsior38,676 24,351 55,734
6.M12 Molten23,640 29,584 45,678
7.Agent21,863 21,728 38,562
8.Torero26,876 15,486 36,837
9.Megalodon15,662 22,344 33,858
10.Arachnid18,683 17,638 32,066
11.Beam Hybrid14,315 19,845 28,440
12.JB820,861 12,634 28,050
13.Steed13,630 14,847 24,982
14.Posh16,906 11,317 24,401
15.SUV14,271 12,705 23,751
16.Raptor16,028 11,219 23,508
17.Jackrabbit17,203 6,750 21,208
18.Mighty15,913 8,617 21,002
19.Rattler14,318 8,684 19,460
20.Volt 4×411,757 12,056 18,723
21.Icebreaker16,735 6,296 18,582
22.Banana Car7,603 10,486 15,101
23.Crew Capsule9,861 7,421 14,280

2. Value List Based on Rarity

Ranking(Rarity)VehiclePriceDays AvailableSeason
1. Lia’s Spaceship1,000,000,000N/AN/A
2.Beam Hybrid042New
3.M12 Molten599,000 10
4.The Agent600,0006
10.Crew Capsule043New
11.Volt 4×4057New
13.Banana Car051New
15.Ice Breaker043New
17.Jackrabbit 052New
22. Steed 50,000889
23. SUV40,000862
24. Classic 50,0001,293
25. Mighty25,0001,023

Rarest Vehicles in Roblox Jailbreak Value List

1. Lia Spaceship

Roblox Jailbreak Value List 2022

The Lia spaceship is owned by one person that is Lia herself.

Lia got the vehicle by Badimo because she was the first person to reach 1 billion in game cash.

Badimo gifted Lia thee vehicle on September 6th 2020.

It is one of the fastest aerial vehicles beating the drone in top speed.

There is a player who hit 1 billion recently but we ain’t sure if he will be gifted this vehicle too.

2. Beam Hybrid

Roblox Jailbreak Value List 2022

The beam hybrid was obtainable in season 1 by doing contracts when hitting level 10.

The beam hybrid is very rare because contracts were very hard to do and of course they were new.

It can reach the speeds of around 190MPH which is not very fast for a hyper car.

It was released on December 20, 2020 and became unobtainable January 31st 2021.

The beam hybrid is worth around 2 brulees when trading.

3. Torpedo

Roblox Jailbreak Value List 2022

The torpedo is the most wanted vehicle in game not only since its rare, its also because of its speed.

It has a top speed of 378MPH which makes it one of the fastest vehicles in game.

The torpedo costed 750,000USD in game cash and required either level 30 in OG season 1 OR level 5 in O.G season 2 both on criminal team for players to obtain.

The vehicle became unobtainable in November 3rd 2019. The vehicle is hard to trade for because lots of Torpedo owners want huge overpays for it.

Lots of players call the torpedo soap bar because of its design XD. The torpedo is the 2nd fastest vehicle and has the 5th reverse speed.

FAQs of Roblox Jailbreak Value List

1. What is the rarest Jailbreak Car?

Most people actually think it is the Torpedo but is actually the beam hybrid. I wouldn’t consider the Lia’s spaceship because it was given to her as a gift for having the highest in game cash 1 BILLION USD.

2. How long is a day in Jailbreak Game?

A day is 16 minutes long that is without rain, storms occurrence because they affect time change. Roblox Jailbreak was made with each in-game hour of 40 seconds.

3. How long does Jailbreak season last?

On average the season lasts 51 days. When you do the math it is approximately 816 minutes.

4. Who is the richest player in Jailbreak?

L_iiaa(Lia) is the richest player in Roblox jailbreak with over 1.1billion in game cash. She has her own spaceship called Lia spaceship which is also the most rarest vehicle because its only her with it.

After L_iiaa comes holiday8993 with 895M USD, O.IV Sam_ Fire 26xx comes in next with 868m USD.

5. Why was the Blade removed?

The blade was removed because of copyright reasons because the blade was from a movie called Blade Runners.

This could be the reason they had to refund many of the players money. Though some other sources say it could have been removed because it was too good for the game depending on its speed and superiority aspects.

In addition it could have been removed due to a bug or glitch in the system.


This jailbreak value list was dependent on rarity and demand statistics but you remain with the right to decide which one is more valuable.

Asimo has always been saying he wants to leave the players to decide the value and I also agree.

Following the demand list, Torpedo has the highest demand vehicle value as well as the Brulee. Airtail sweetening up deals would be the reason it is traded alot.

The beam Hybrid is the rarest but people don’t really care about it that much. I hope this guide was helpful to you, feel to leave us a comment about your mind saying about this list!

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