Slotomania Inner Circle VIP APP (Full Installation Guide!)

Do you want to install Slotomania inner circle VIP app? Worry No more! In this guide, we have explained the full installation process both for apple and android devices.

With a few simple steps, you will have the slotomania inner circle app and have access to a new VIP experience.

The inner circle has sneak peeks and safety net coins every week. When you bet more than you win plus a free ballinko heat after you finished installing and over 30 other exclusive inner circle benefits.

But before we dive into the installation processes lets understand what slotomania is.

What is Slotomania?

Slotomania is a free-to-play mobile game developed and published by Playtika. It is supported across the iOS, android, and windows phone platforms.

Released in 2011, the game falls in the genre of casual mobile games and supports single player mode.

It is among the most famous mobile game in the US as of 2021 with over 100 million players worldwide.

The game reported 2 million active users in April 2021 with approximately 70 millions downloads.

The gameplay is free to register with in-game purchases if you want to enhance your gameplay.

It is also divided into four sections that are status tiers, bonus coins, collectible albums, and slotoclans.

The status tiers include; Bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, royal diamond, and black diamond awarded in that order.

Bonus coins; are offered after signup and every after 3 hours. Mega bonuses, lotto bonuses, and store bonuses are given according to your progress in the game.

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To download and install the VIP app follow the simple steps!

Slotomania Inner Circle Installation Guide for Apple iOS

  • First, make sure iOS software is updated to the latest version.
  • To update your software go to settings and then click general .
  • Click software update if there is an update available, click Install Now.
  • If your software is update, go back to general then click again to go back to settings.
  • Click on safari, unclick block popups.
  • Go back to the home screen, open safari or a different browser to surf the web.
  • Go to the slotomania website by typing in
  • If it asks, this site is attempting to open a pop-up window, click “allow”.
  • Click accept cookies, and then click play using Facebook or login with your email.
  • Click on the little square with the arrow in it on the lower bar.
  • Click add to home screen.
  • Type in slotomania inner circle ad then tap on done.
  • Now you will be able to find slotomania inner circle on your home screen.

Slotomania Inner Circle Installation Guide for Android

Open your browser on your android device and go to

Click on the Android logo and then tap on “click here to install”.

Click open on the downloaded file.

A notification stating “for your security your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from the source”.

Simply click on settings and then toggle the allow from this source button. This is just a formality that android requires.

Click on the arrow pointing back to the previous page in the top left corner.

The notification states “Do you want to install this application.” Tap on install.

After installation is done, click “open“.

How to Login to Slotomania Inner Circle VIP app

Sign in with your Facebook or your email address so your account information is connected to the inner circle app.

This will bring all your coins level and you will be able to continue from where you left off.

“This is an invite-only app for VIPs” if this screen pops up contact support, your account manager, or your VIP host so they can enable the game for you.

How to Uninstall Slotomania App

  • Go back to the home screen.
  • Click the home button to get there if your button is hidden, you may have to drag from the side of your screen to see it.
  • Locate the regular slotomania app on your device to delete it.
  • This will make sure that your inner circle app runs smoothly.
  • Make sure not to delete the slotomania VIP app with the yellow button in the top left corer and only delete the regular slotomania application.
  • Tap and hold down on the regular app and click on uninstall.
  • Click Ok.
  • Lastly tap and hold the slotomania VIP app and drag it to your home screen so its always on click away.


Great job! don’t forget to only play on your inner circle app to enjoy over 30 amazing benefits it gives you.

If this is your first time playing on the inner circle, you can enjoy your free ballinko heat now. For any questions, feel free to comment or even contact support, your account manager, or your VIP host.

Cheers go head and spin!

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