Space Traveling Warriors Tier List (December 2022)

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In this guide, we have listed the characters in categories of S-Tier, A-tier, B-tier, and C-tiers. The tier list is made from the strongest which is the S-TIER to the weakest which is the C-tiers.

The space-traveling warrior’s category varies on events like Dragon Ball GT ultimate DB Saga, the prodigy prince, and extreme Z-BATTLE.

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is supported across several mobile platforms like android and iOS.

The game developed by Akatsuki and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment INC features amazing 2D visual graphics and animations in a dragon ball World.

It was released on January 30th , 2015 that is for the android version and the iOS version came out on February 19th , 2015.

Space traveling warriors tier list December 2022

Space Traveling Warriors Tier List (November 2022)

Space traveling warriors tier list– This tier list has warriors that have been traveling regularly through outer space.

CharactersTier List
1. Ultimate Power CoolerS
2. God of Destruction BeerusS
3. Power Beyond Right & Wrong ToppoS
4. Reign of Terror FriezaS
5. Open The Gates of Hell CoolerS
6. BoujackS
7. Ultimate Malign Being Super Baby 2S
8. TurlesS
9. Majesty of the Mighty JirenS
10. Rageful Erasure FriezaS
11. Last-Ditch Attack FriezaS
12. Destruction Beerus and WhisS
13. Galaxy-Threatening Invasion BoujackS
14. Team TurlesS
15. Dazzling LifeA
16. Catastrophic Rage FriezaA
17. Measure WhisA
18. Evil Paralysis ZangyaA
19. Emperor’s Devotion FriezaA
20. Onslaught of Fire and Fury DyspoA
21. Saiyans Vegeta / NappaA
22. Toppo / Light to Protect PeaceA
23. Unprecedented Tension VadosA
24. Earth-Piercing Light FriezaA
25. Plucky Warrior ToraA
26. Elite VegetaA
27. Saiyan Strike! VegetaA
28. Strength HitA
29. Endless Adventure Pan & Goku & TrunksA
30. JirenA
31. Warrior RaditzA
32. Ultimate Technique HitA
33. Invasion ToraA
34. Cleave CoolerA
35. BeerusA
36. Victorious Smile PanA
37. Wings Spread / Cosmos PanA
38. Punishment Devastating BeerusA
39. Wayward God BeerusB
40. Magnificent Squadron ThouserB
41. Thrill of the Fight BeerusB
42. Definite Path VadosB
43. Heinous Attack CoolerB
44. Angelic Instruction WhisB
45. Corroding Menace Super Baby 1B
46. Storm of Terror FriezaB
47. Low-Class, High-Octane BardockB
48. Grand Tour Companion GiruB
49. Expanding Possibility HitB
50. Dominance Through Destruction ChampaB
51. Fictitious Universe’s Strongest BeerusB
52. Resolute Execution CoolerB
53. One BurterB
54. Suppression TurlesB
55. RaditzB
56. Namekian Mutation Lord SlugB
57. Greedy Attack Mode ShugeshB
58. Expert in Justice KahseralB
59. Yacchaina Fist RozieB
60. Battle-Hardened Hero BardockB
61. Death Match VegetaB
62. Confidence-Imbuing Moment Super Saiyan TrunksB
63. Sibling Reunion TarbleB
64. Daring Planetary Invasion Vegeta & RaditzB
65. Magnificent Hunter KakunsaB
66. Horrific Super Energy BoujackB
67. Feverish Battlefield BorgosB
68. Swirling Ambition TurlesB
69. Infinite Power BorgosB
70. Ginyu Force Reborn GinyuB
71. Cunning Moves FashaB
72. Grand Opening Team BardockB
73. Super RibrianneB
74. Power Demonstrated / Clashes BardockB
75. Ruffian’s Strike ShugeshB
76. Life of the Party PanB
77. Infinite Love RibrianneB
78. Evil Namekian Lord SlugB
79. Super Baby 2 Rampaging VengeanceB
80. Lethal Charge RecoomeB
81. Brutal Bind GuldoB
82. Imprinted Discipline WhisB
83. Courageous Clash Captain GinyuB
84. Super Saiyan Goku Battle of EpicB
85. Tenacious Battlefield Diva FashaB
86. Ruthless Invader RaditzB
87. Guide to the New Beyond WhisB
88. Brianne de ChateauB
89. The Ultimate Fighting Squadron Captain GinyuB
90. Tyrannical Maelstrom / BoujackB

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Conclusion: Space traveling warriors tier list

The tier list is opinioned based, depending on information from fandoms, social media platforms and Dragon Ball fan communities.

It is made from the strongest characters that are the S-tier to the weakest that is the B-Tiers.

We made the tier list based on their importance, effects, and relevance in the game.


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