Are you looking for tier list update? No worries mate! In this guide, we have ranked the best and worst EVO skills on a tier list and discussed a few things about each character.

The game is continuously updated and new Evo skills will always be added so bookmark this page to stay informed in case of any changes.

The Evo skills have been categorized into C tier which counters for the average on the list, B tier for those that are good, tier A for best Evo skills, and S tier for exceptional or excellent Evo skills.

Let dive into the tier list beginning with;

S-Tier : Exceptional Evo Skills

In this S-tier, we have the Supercell as known as Thunderball Power Cell and the Caltrops.

1. Supercell

The supercell is one of the my favorite skills in the game for two basic reasons;

  • It can defeat enemies from a distance and is great against bosses as it will automatically target them with high damage.
  • This skill also works well in chapters that have stationary enemies in a distance as you will not have to get near them to defeat them.

Combine the enemy cube and lightning emitter to evolve the supercell.

2. Caltrops

This is another new Evo skill in the game alongside the death array but it is completely different types of skills.

The caltrop is a flying fruit with spikes that causes massive damage as it bounces from each side of the screen and shoots spikes at the enemy in every direction.

This Evo skill introduces a lot of new strategies into the game and makes it fun.

The caltrop is the best in the game at making an escape route as you can follow it or walk under it as it wipes out hordes of enemies.

A- tier : Best Evo Skills

In the A- tier, we have the defender and the whistling arrow.

1. Defender

The defender turns you into a lawnmower where you can mow over hordes of monsters if you have enough HP.

The defender spins red tops around your character that follow you and deal damage keeping you protected in the middle.

The tops will deal damage and knock the enemy back if they get too close. This skill is exceptional in close quarter combat.

To get the defender Evo skill combine the Exo BRACER and the guardian.

2. Whistling Arrow

The whistling arrow is moving from the B-tier to the A-tier due to its use in the end game chapters.

The whistling is essentially a homing missile that assassinates enemies all overall the map.

It is great against bosses as it will automatically attack them if they are on the same screen and different supplies can increases its stats like range and speed.

Combine the Ammo thruster and the drill shot to create the whistling arrow.

B-Tier : Good Evo Skills

In the B-tier, we have 1 Ton Iron also known as Dumbell, Destroyer, Quantum Ball, Fuel Barrel, and Sharkmaw Gun.

1. 1 Ton Ion

The 1 Ton Iron previously called the Dumbell is an Evo Skill that launches 1 ton Iron in every direction from your character.

After a recent update, this Evo skill seems to be slightly more powerful and can be useful in close quarters.

Combine the brick with the fitness guide to create the 1 Ton Iron Evo skill.

2. Death Ray

The death ray is a new Evo skill on that is exceptional against bosses if you aren’t afraid to kite and against hordes of monsters as they can cause significant damage.

Combine the laser launcher and the energy cube to create the death ray Evo skill.

Inaddition the initial laser launcher skill is great in chapters where you essentially move up and down because the laser can potentially cause damage to most enemies on the screen due its shape.

3. Destroyer

The destroyer is a drone that shoots missiles around your character.

You can assist the drone in hitting targets by getting the enemy to walk into the green hitboxes on the ground.

The destroyer is good against hordes of monsters but I think better against bosses if you can kite them and provoke them to walk under the drone hitboxes.

Combine both type A and type B drones to create the Destroyer drone.

Both type A and B drones have to be leveled up yo 5 stars before this Evo can be manufactured.

C-Tier : Average Evo Skills

To sum up, with the C- Tier, we have the pressure force field and magnetic rebounder.

1. Pressure Force Field

The pressure force field is an evolved version of the force field combined with the energy cube that deals damage and pushes enemies back if they get too close.

The force is great in basically every tank type of build due to the fact that the energy cube supply used to evolve the skill will restore a certain amount of health every couple of seconds.

The pressure force field excels in chapters with close quarters and can help defeat or defend against waves of monsters with high HP.

2. Magnetic Rebounder

Once called the MAGNETIC dart is an evolved skill that combines the high power magnet and boomerang.

The high-power magnet itself is great because the boomerang is slightly lackluster although it might hit more targets than the brick.

The magnetic rebounder will swing two darts around you that spread further as they travel.

This Evo skill is pretty good in scenarios where close and mid range combat is frequent.

Conclusion: Tier List Evo Skills Tier List (BEST & WORST EVO SKILLS)

Here above is the finished tier list; we have the supercell and caltrops in the S-TIER. The defender and whistling Arrow in the A-Tier.

1 Ton Iron, Death Ray, Destroyer, Sharkmaw Gun, Fire Barrel and Quantum ball in the B-Tier.

In the C-Tier, we have the force field and magnetic rebounder. All of these Evo skills are great at what they do and can be used strategically in different chapters so just because the force field is in C-Tier list doesn’t mean it may not be more useful than others in some chapters. Keep that in mind!

If you would rank anything more different let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to bookmark this page for any update in the tier list.

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