4 Ways to Get on The For You Page on TikTok

Are you struggling to get on the for you page on TikTok?

Creating videos is a hustle for every content creator but also making them discovered by a large audience is another stress.

In the guide, we have explained the steps to help you get on the for you page TikTok which include recreating your top 3 best videos.

In addition to prompting audience engagement, and modifying hashtag groups.

But before we dive into details on the steps let’s understand “what does FYP mean on TikTok”.

What does FYP mean On TikTok?

Get on The “For You” Page on TikTok

FYP stands for “For You Page”

These are recommendations TikTok thinks you will like.

The TikTok Algorithm looks at videos it thinks you would love to show on your ” For You Page”.

It doesn’t necessarily track the FYP hashtag.

TikTok looks at what you searched for mostly and gives it as recommendations.

How to get on the For You Page on TikTok

How to get on the For You Page on TikTok

To get on the for you page on TikTok, you need to recreate your top 3 best videos, prompt audience engagement, and modify hashtag groups.

There are four steps we have explained though the fourth one is option.

Think of this as your two-week recovery plan assuming you have posted more than 50 videos on your TikTok account.

Step 1: Recreate your top 3 best videos

Look at your content ad take your top 3 best-performing videos that have an FYP greater than 50%.

This can be done by checking through each of your video analytics.

If you don’t have any videos that match that criteria then take our top 3 best-performing videos depending on views.

What I encourage you is to recreate that video don’t repost it.

Just take an element of that video idea and put it in your next video.

Simply double down on what is proving to do well on your profile.

Step 2: Prompt Audience Engagement

The second step is to prompt audience participation which is to prioritize shares by verbally asking for a share in your content or using verbal text on screens.

Many people won’t think of sharing if you request them in the first place.

Sharing is truly one of the most impactful engagement actions besides watch time and rewatch ratio that makes videos successful.

If you check on FYP, you will find that most viral contents have a credible share ratio greater than 1% which everyone aims for with their content.

The second strategy besides requesting shares is the promise to payoff video structure.

This means setting up your video with clear expectations at the beginning of what is going to happen.

The intention here is to optimize for better watch time and to retain the audience from the beginning of the video to the end.

Step 3: Modify Hashtag Groups

The third step to help you get on FYP on TikTok is to modify your hashtag groups.

TikTok has repeatedly mentioned on their website and across social media in general that hashtags do play a major role in who your content is distributed to on For You Page.

If your content is niched down all the time, you can create filter bubbles around who your content is influenced to.

Culture-based tags(broad) like #FYP, #foryoupage, #duet, #ForYou, #TikTokviral.

These are best to use when your content is more broader in nature.

Something important or relevant to most people like comedy.

Therefore, I recommend for your next 10-12 videos, change your hashtags strategy.

On the top of hashtag, I would also encourage you to avoid using just featured tags in your videos.

Just featured tags are those that you can find on TikTok discovery page for a particular week.

This is because a lot of these tags are associated with effects, songs, sounds that are only relevant for a short time.

Step 4: Optional Tactics

The reason why I say optional is because these ideas may or may not be relevant to you depending on what you think has happened to your account.

If you were shadow banned, delete those videos not reinstated after your appeal.

Another option is to consider leaving the creator fund because it has the tendency of prioritizing views in your region.

This can affect you on your international audience.

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Why am I not getting on the FYP?

Fundamentally, there are 4 distinct reasons why your videos or content is not getting on the “For You Page”.

If you look at your analytics on any given video and see under the traffic source section that there is a low or no FYP ratio on your videos or content.

It is because of these four distinct reasons.

1. Not hitting the right metrics

One is you’re not hitting the right metrics that are needed to push your videos to larger audiences.

Your fans are not watching all through.

There are not sharing your content and not tagging other users which makes no sense for TikTok to logically promote your video.

This happens to a lot of creators who take a break like several weeks.

2. Limitations on your profile

Limitations on your profile may be due to a violation or a series of negative impact for action.

Some examples of these are the mass deleting of content or videos, repurposing branded content, and mass reporting from other TikTok users.

3. Test Of Commitment(1-2 weeks)

This is TikTok way of testing creator dedication.

Generally, it doesn’t last any longer than 1-2 weeks maximum.

4. Restricted Element of your Video.

The other reason is restricted element of your video for example bearing hashtags that do happen more times.

As well as having copyrighted audio and using a keyword that TikTok doesn’t promote like suicide.

TikTok publishes on their website the transparency report indicating all the above examples.

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TikTok is just like any other social app. They work to better their services.

So this makes it harder for low-quality content to appear on their fyp.

Therefore, to ease your way into getting on the for you page, try to recreate your top 3 best videos, ask for shares, and most importantly, use broad, trending content hashtags.

The reasons why you may not be getting on for you page is because you are not hitting the right metrics.

In addition, you might have limits on your profile, restricted elements of your videos or you may be on the TikTok test of commitment which takes 1-2 weeks.

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