What is The TikTok Shadowban? And How to Fix it

You are probably in a weird situation where you got shadow banned on TikTok.

A shadow ban is basically like if you were getting many views on TikTok and for some reason of recent, the views dropped.

This could possibly mean that you are shadow banned.

This typically means TikTok thinks you are doing a bunch of weird things that they may shadow-ban your account.

Sometimes TikTok may assume that you are doing a lot of spam techniques or if your content on TikTok is against community guidelines like a bunch of nudity or weird stuff.

I would recommend reading their guidelines so that you don’t find yourself doing it again.

If you are posting a lot of violence and other stuff against their community guidelines it’s better not to post it there or contact customer support.

What is a TikTok Shadowban?

TikTok shadowban

TikTok Shadow ban is the idea of TikTok placing some sort of unnatural limit on the actual reach of your content.

Your videos will be filtered from reaching the fyp( foryou page) and you are not able to locate them when search through discovery page.

It is some form of handcuffs TikTok places on your account. It is TikTok way of preventive spam, threats and bad influence on platform.

Though there is a difference between being shadow banned and having low account authority.

Account authority is how valuable your influence on the TikTok platform.

This is based on several things like actual video performance, engagement ratio, and how often you are manually removing content.

How to Fix Shadow Ban On TikTok

To fix shadowban on TikTok , you can update your TikTok App, delete and reinstall the TikTok app as well as contacting customer support.

But a quick way and easy way to go away with the TikTok shadow ban is to wait about 14 days for the first shadow ban to go away.

If you get shadow-banned like a month, this may mean the content you posted was not good and qualified for their community guidelines.

Here are some of the ways to fix the shadow ban on TikTok:

1. Wait Out

Go to your TikTok account, and check through all your TikTok videos to see if they qualify based on their community guidelines.

If you have any videos against their community guideline, simply delete them.

Wait out for a couple of days or weeks and the shadow ban will go away.

2. Update Your TikTok App

tiktok shadowban

If your TikTok account is completely appropriate but you are shadow banned.

Enter into your iPhone or android and go to your app store or google playstore.

Search up TikTok and click on it.

Update your TikTok to the latest version.

After updating, click open and see if the problem is solved.

It is always advisable to have the latest versions of TikTok.

3. Deleting and Reinstalling TikTok App.

Sometimes deleting and reinstalling the app may do wonders.

On the phone menu, long press on the TikTok App.

Select the delete option.

After deleting the TikTok app, Go to playstore or Appstore.

Search up TikTok, click on it and select install.

TikTok will be installed with the latest version.

4. Contact Customer Support

Most people when they undergo a shadow ban , they contact customer support.

On the top right corner, select the three dots.

On the menu display, click feed/search/share and select share.

You will find the option called “other”.

Select “still have a problem“.

Under tell us your feedback.

Simply type, ” I have been shadow banned can you give me more input, my videos are not getting enough views, I used to average like 100,000 views per day recently been getting like 3000. Please give me a reason for this.

Click done and your feedback will be submitted.

How to Know if You are Shadowbanned on TikTok

Be sure to review your latest videos. Simply check the analytics for those videos.

If you do not see any for your page ration in the traffic source, there may be a possibility of being Shadowbanned.

Keep in mind that if you are Shadowbanned never look at one video that’s why I recommend reviewing atleast your latest 10 videos.

This is because there are instances when the uploaded video will get no views.

This could happen if TikTok is still reviewing the uploaded video for quality, spam and if it passes the community guidelines.

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What are the Causes of TikTok Shadowbans

Here are some of the causes of Shadowbans on TikTok

1. Artificially Manipulating Video Metrics

This can be through buying views, likes and followers.

Do not be manipulating your videos with different or the same accounts. This includes liking your own videos.

This kind of manipulating is very easy to track by TikTok because of the same ip address.

This will lead to a punishment from TikTok accordingly (shadowban)

Instead do encourage your friends and family to engage actively with your content.

This is because this kind of engagement will kick start the growth of your account.

2. Multiple Devices Used for Login

Don’t log into a TikTok account with multiple device simultaneously.

TikTok is trying to do a much better job of optimizing the platform for brands and businesses.

However one shadowban trigger is having multiple logins from various devices in different locations.

This can lead to a zero fyp ratio (for you page ratio).

Multiple logins from different locations comes as a trigger to TikTok that your account is a business account or it might have been hacked.

And for business accounts, you have to pay for ads promotion.

The best way to go around this is to designate one person as the account manager.

3. Constant Violation of TikTok Guidelines

The vast majority of Shadowbans are caused by a constant violation of TikTok community guidelines.

This might be due to copyright strikes.

I would encourage you to get familiar with TikTok terms of service in their guideline for the platform.

How to Prevent TikTok Shadowban

Step 1: Avoid Mass Deleting Content

Avoid deleting your content and restrain from posting any videos you think might be against TikTok guidelines.

Mass deleting might be like 10+ videos in the past 2 weeks.

Step 2: Remove Videos in Violation of TikTok Guidelines

Remove (delete) any existing videos on your account that are currently banned due to a community violation.

This reduces the limitation.

Also try to appeal the video, if it does get taken down.

Step 3: Creating High Quality Content

This can be done by creating demand figure content.

If your content isn’t getting pushed onto the FYP by the platform.

It is time to change things up. Remember variety often leads to virality.

Step 4: Optimize For Better Watch time and Good Engagement Ratios

Focus on using video structures that optimize for better watch time and good engagement ratios.

Should I create a new account when I get Shadowbanned on TikTok?

If you have less than 2500 followers and do not feel that you have invested a lot of time into growing your account (usually less than 100 videos).

Go a head and start over.

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