How to Turnoff Discord Notifications

How to turn off Discord Notifications. Have you ever wondered why when you are new to Discord, you join your first few servers right after you instantly start getting a lot of mobile notifications?

If you have been using discord for quite some time and you have that specific server that you really love to stay in but at the same time you are quite annoyed because they give you pings after every few seconds and you want to find a solution.

Luckily they are solutions to this kind of annoying notifications we have talked about in this guide.

We have divided the guide into three different sections that are; turning off all discord notifications, muting specific servers, and specific text channels, and a quick summary for particulars like windows, desktop, and iPhone devices.

Turnoff All Discord Notifications (Server Broad Notifications)

Server broad notification is where you are going to turnoff all discord notifications.

To do this;

  • Go to that specific server that you want to mute.
  • Right click on it and then you will see the notification settings.
  • Click on Notification settings.
  • At the top you are going to see the option Mute and then the server’s name.
  • At the server notification settings at the bottom it will also turn grey and you can’t really click on anything.

What this basically means you don’t have to play around with these bottom option because the option you have just enabled is taking care of your discord server notifications.

This will mute all notifications for all channels in the selected server.

Muting Specific Servers (Server Notification Settings)

This is quite simple and obvious. The only difference is that if you select all the messages you are literally going to get notification for every single message the person is sending within the server.

However, if you go on and choose the only mentions you are only going to receive a notification for the mentioned messages and all of the other channels are going to get muted.

At the bottom, there is something very important that you need to focus on especially for the pings solution.

There are four different options that is;

  • Suppress @everyone and @here.
  • Suppress All role @mentions
  • Mute New Events.
  • Mobile Push Notifications.

One of the reasons why people ask if there is a way to disable the @everyone pings is that most people are not aware that this option exists with Discord Notification Settings.

To make it clear and simple suppress @everyone option disables any @everyone mention from generating notifications on the entire server and that goes with all roles and @here.

The mute new event disables you from receiving a notification every time the server creates a new event.

Moving on at the bottom is the mobile push notifications.

Muting Specific Text Channels (Channel Notification Settings)

The easiest way to mute the channel is by simply going to that specific server.]

Right click on the channel, you will see the option which says “mute channel“.

When you move your cursor over mute channel, you are going to see another beneficial option which is giving you a number of hours or minutes which you can mute that specific channel.

You can also just click on mute channel “until I turn it back on“. This will mute it permanently until you unmute it again.

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How to turnoff Discord Notifications & Sounds( Desktop App)

Click on the user settings and click on Notifications( This is the control at the level of the Windows but within the application itself).

Simply disable desktop notifications using this toggle

  • This is mainly geared towards the actual red notifications on the servers.

How to Turnoff Windows Discord Notifications

These usually appear on the bottom-hand corner of your desktop windows. Simply go into windows and type notifications settings. Simply toggle off Discord Notifications. This will turn it off in Windows.

How to turn off Discord Notifications (Server level, Desktop)

Select a particular server that you want to turn off Discord Notification. Click on Notification settings and then choose several different options. You can mute it entirely or choose to receive some messages or nothing at all. You can also specifically choose to turn off mobile push notifications.

How to Turnoff Discord Notification (iOS/ iPhone App)

This is similar for android users. Firstly you need to open up Discord, click on the bottom right-hand corner to open up your profile( This will allow you to specifically turnoff Notifications within Discord Application).

Click on settings at the top right hand corner on the server or you can just click the name of the server at the top. Then click notification.

Select your options either to allow all messages, only @mention, nothing or of course suppressing certain roles @mentions or suppressing push notifications all together on mobile.

How to Turn off ALL Discord Notification (Mobile)

Go into your settings. Scroll down to notifications. Here you are able to select the Discord App. Simply toggle off all discord notifications.

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If none of the above solutions helped you feel free to contact Discord customer support

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