How to Unblur Chegg Answers

As you struggling with assignments so you copy paste a question unto google to find the answer.

You click on the link but turns out as blur and it is also Chegg.

Chegg is an online based education company that provides online tutory and it helps students with home work.

They also help you write your project and you have to pay for the services.

Chegg has a free trial that goes for 28 days.

Subscription goes for 19.95$ per month.

This article is good for you because today I will be showing how to unblur Chegg answers for free.

How to Unblur Chegg Answers

One of the way to unblur Chegg answers is through using Chegg study++.

You can download the app from the play store or AppStore.

Enter the app and tap on unblur answers button as many times as possible.

First, if you an android user , please have your battery saver mode switched off if you had it switched on.

If you are an IOS user, go to settings then general, select background app, refresh and switch it on for WIFI and mobile data.

Once done with that, go ahead to open your browser.

Any browser will work perfectly fine.

Download the Chegg study++ app.

Allow device verification to get the best suitable for your phone.

Go ahead download three apps and do all the steps listed by the apps.

Finally restart your device and you will see the Chegg study ++ app on your iOS or Android device that will help you unblur Chegg answers.

Using Chegg study++ is one of the ways to unblur Chegg answers but if it fails to work for never fail to use these other proven ways.

Some of the other proven ways to unblur Chegg answers include using discord servers, signing up to Chegg with other email addresses, using Homeworkify Website, and finally using the 28 days free trial.

Here are the proven ways explained in more detail;

1. Using Discord Servers

You can get free answers from discord but you will need an invite to a Chegg server.

The invites do expire, so you need to find a new invite.

You may find it on Reddit, Quora, Twitter, or other social media platforms like Telegram.

Here are some of the links: ,Link 2:

Accept invite to the discord server group.

how to unblur Chegg answers

Open another tab and check for Chegg questions.

Choose any question of your choice.

As you can see, the notification indicates that the problem is already solved but no answer displayed.

If you want to see the answer, you need to copy the question link.

Open the discord server, Select #unlock-bot.

how to unblur Chegg answers

To get the answer type your message __cc and paste the question link.

Press Enter, and you will get the answer in just a minute.

Click on the link provided in the group.

The question will be displayed together with the answer.

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2. Signup For Chegg with Other Email Addresses

You can signup for Chegg with other email addresses.

This can work perfectly if you have several emails or read to create other emails.

If you have a google buddy or study buddy, you can use that option.

Possibly you can use an email of your family member or a close friend or maybe your yahoo mail.

3. Using the Chegg 28 Free Trial Days

If you have not created a Chegg account and you have assignments.

You can create a free account for 28 days and you would not have to pay the subscription.

Once you signup, remember to cancel out your subscription before they charge you.

4. Using Homeworkify Website

Open the website “”.

Open the question page and copy the link address.

Go to Homeworkify, then paste the link address and hit the “search” button.

Solve the captcha and click on the “view step by step solution” button.

Then you get the answer.

How do I unblur Chegg answers using inspect element?

To unblur Chegg answers using inspect element, right-click on the blur document.

Select inspect element from the drop down menu.

Scroll down on the actual page until you find the part that is blur.

Hit the selection tool and hover over the blur part.

Double-click and delete the code highlighted.

Close the inspection tab and as long as you don’t refresh the page, you will have full access to the answer completely free without having to enter any information.


There are various proven ways to unblur Chegg answers and most of them are free to use.

Though beware of hackers especially when it involves sharing a lot of data about you to join or sign up.

Using the Chegg paid subscription is also another way though it doesn’t make sense paying 19.95$ for something u gonna use to unblur 3 to 4 questions.

I would advise you to use the option of discord servers using the links shared in the article.

Though don’t just signup for any discord server group to avoid hacking.

Reddit is another place to get links to good Chegg discord server links.

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