2 ways to Unblur Course Hero Documents

Are you looking for ways on how to unblur course hero documents for free.

In this guide, we have explained 2 ways on how to unblur course hero documents for free.

One of the ways is using the inspect element to unblur the part of the document that is blur.

The other way is through uploading 10 documents to course hero as a trade to be given unlocks.

If you don’t have access to notes for upload, you can alternatively join a discord server where you can get documents for upload.

Course Hero is an online platform with more than 40 million course specific study materials for college students.

They have more than 10 million users and about 30 thousand tutors from all over the world.

They have three main products:

  • Study resources.
  • Text books solution.
  • 24/7 Homework Help.

Course Hero requires subscription so as to be able to unlock answers though the fee is quite high for some students.

So in this guide, we have provided the different ways to unblur course hero documents.

1. Unblur Course Hero Using Inspect

To unblur course hero using inspect:

  • Select the blur text and do right click and open inspect element.
  • Select Doc-asset then click split-0-page-1.
  • Replace split-0 with split-1

Step:1-Select blur text and do right click and open inspect element

So first open chrome and search for the document you want to unblur.

The document has a preview only the other page has a blur effect.

To unblur this document right click the mouse and click the inspect

unblur course hero documents

Go to sources and follow the second step.

Step:2- Select Doc-asset then click split-0-page-1

Under sources select doc-asset then click on split-0-page-1.

Tap on “open in new tab“.

Remove the html bg on the link.

The upper portion blur effect on page 1 will be removed.

Step:3- Replace split-0 with split-1

To unblur the lower portion of the document which is split 1.

Replace the number 0 on split info with 1 “split-1-page-1“.

2. Unblur Course Hero By Uploading Documents

To unblur course hero documents and images for free by uploading documents, you need to have a free account with course hero.

Follow this link to create a free account at Course Hero.

Select either a student or an educator.

If you are a student, the next step fill out your school name.

Click signup with email.

Enter your email address, username, and password for your Course Hero account.

Click on create my account.

Once your account is created, you will see a page providing you with subscription plan.

Don’t select any not unless you are willing to have a paid account.

Select upload your own content and get free unlocks.

unblur course hero documents
Every after 10 original uploads you make will earn you five unlocks.

The uploads must not have been uploaded into course hero before.

If they already exist, they will be automatically declined.

I advise you to upload your own work of study like assignments or a question you have answered.

Once you have uploaded your 10 documents and provided a course to them, you will get 5 free unlocks instantly.

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