University Of Problems Guide (Updated!)

Are you looking for a university of problems guide 2022? Stress no more! In this article, we have provided a thorough walkthrough of the game beginning with the first initial steps of the game.

The storyline of the game was based on student life which was the most vivid, colorful, and memorable period for many of us.

The game captures the life of an ordinary guy who enters one of the best universities in the country interfacing with many opportunities, school life, nice-looking girls, and given the freedom to choose.

With this walkthrough guide, you will be able to unlock scenes with all the available characters like Carol, Yuki, Ashley, Natalie, and Roxy.

This guide will also help you get INT points and LU points required by some choices made in the University Of Problems game.

University of Problem Guide – 26 Initial Steps

University Of Problems Guide (Updated!)

These are the initial steps of the university of Problems guide:

  1. Ask all of your questions, then stop.
  2. Message to be read after response
  3. Restrained (+INT) / Full Agree (+LU)
  4. Then, respond truthfully (+ Carol).
  5. requesting a favor (+ Carol)
  6. Joke (+ Carol and also +INT) OR Flirt Carol (+2 Carol)
  7. No (+ Carol and +INT as well)
  8. Turn Around (+LU, plus Carol if Carol is more than 4) OR Be quick to act (+INT)
  9. Keep the door open (plus Carol and LU).
  10. I initially believed that this was merely a warm-up.
  11. I start (plus Natalie and LU).
  12. React Kindly (+ Roxy)
  13. Take a shower, check your messages, respond, go to a scene, hold on (LU>4), and then return.
  14. Send her two messages.
  15. Choose between Yuki (+ Yuki), Carol (+ Carol), or Ashley (+ Ashley), however Yuki is advised.
  16. Hobbies or future plans? If Yuki was your choice, future plan
  17. Choose from Yuki (+ Yuki), Carol (+ Carol), or Ashley (+ Ashley), however Ashley is preferred.
  18. If you selected Ashley, choose from the options Hobbies or Plans for the Future.
  19. Beautiful Company (+LU), or Pleasant Company (+INT, also + Carol)
  20. Test: 1914, England’s Dallas, Martin Luther King, Hadrian, and Marco Polo
  21. Reply > Roxy to the message
  22. You are only… (+ Roxy)
  23. Rachel + Heavy Things (requires INT > 5)
  24. Joke (+Rachel)
  25. Gratitude (Needs INT > 6)
  26. Reply to Ashley -Wow appreciate the offer, + Ashley.
  27. Answer Rachel

University of Problems Guide Update 0.1.5 -15 steps

  1. Try to Walk Around the Campus
  2. Laugh (+ Roxy) > Accept (+ Roxy) > Positively (+ Roxy)
  3. Defend Carol (+ Ashley)
  4. Choose: Both Beauties (+ Carol & + Yuki), Praise Carol (+2 Carol) or also Praise Yuki (+2 Yuki)
  5. You’re Beauty (+INT, also + Yuki) OR You’re good (+LU, also + Yuki)
  6. No Insist (+INT, also + Rachel)
  7. Support (+ Rachel)
  8. Look at the C…(+LU)
  9. I’m Staying
  10. Support Carol
  11. Your choice: Cheerfully or gently
  12. Reply Sara > Yes, of course (+ Sara)
  13. Help Ashley
  14. Get inside > Look
  15. Reply Sara > I went…I didn’t go very…(+ Sara) > Reply Rachel (+ Rachel) > Reply Carol x2
  16. Quit HSL > I will Help (+ Carol) > About Ashley > I wasn’t there > The Usual Chatter
  17. Invite her to your place
  18. Hug Carol

University of Problems Guide Update 0.2 – 13 steps

  1. Kiss on the cheek (+ Carol) OR Kiss B (+LU)
  2. Reply Natalie
  3. Stay
  4. Yeah I’m Free
  5. It was right (+ Rachel)
  6. Not Risk (+ Rachel)
  7. Talk to Carol > Get inside > Boy (red shirt) & Girl > hell yeah (+ Nikki)
    • Right > Couple of guys
    • Upstairs > Roxy > Continue > Further  > Ask about it > Check the 3 arrows (doors) > Ashley (blue) > Don’t talk about (+ Ashley)
    • Left > Couple of guys > Sara > End of free roam > Help Sara
  8. Try to (+ Sara)
  9. Can i come (+ Carol)
  10. Reply Yuki
  11. Ask
  12. I Forgive her (+ Carol)
  13. I love you already (+ Carol & + Love)

University Of Problems Guide 0.2.5 Update – 14 steps

  1. Messages:
    • Ashley: How are you feeling
    • Rachel:
    • Sara:
    • Natalie:
    • Yuki:
    • Roxy: Morning Roxy
  2. Messages II:
    • Ashley:
    • Rachel:
    • Sara:
    • Natalie:
    • Yuki:
    • Roxy: Morning Roxy
  3. Visit all:
    • Yuki:
    • Sara & Ashley: Of course
    • Carol:
  4. Message: Vlad
  5. Do not insist
  6. Agree
  7. How did you meet
  8. Tell me something > Compliment > Finish
  9. Look
  10. Ask > Agree > Try Kim’s (Requires high L) > Stay
  11. Message: Nikki
  12. Try it
  13. Take Sara out for a jog > You’re an interesting person
  14. Visit Nikki > All (when asked about art > A little)

University of Problems Guide 0.3.0 Update -7 steps

  1. Tell the truth
  2. Phone Messages: Just answer
  3. Call Rachel (INT path) or Look at the Book Shelf (LU path)
  4. Left > Sara > Truth
  5. Front > Girl > Men’s room > 3rd Floor > Roxy > continue > Show who’s in charge
  6. Right > Front > Ladies Room > Sort it out > Front > 4th Floor > Back > Back > Back  > Back Do not Insist
  7. In this order: Snack, TV (offer massage > Neck + Shoulders + Back + Thighs) & Shower (Peek = Lu or Take shower = INT)

University of Problems Guide 0.3.5 Update – 11 steps

  1. Use intelligence (INT path) or Try something (Lu path)
  2. About divorce, then the other 2 choices
  3. Turn away (INT path) or Keep watching (Lu path)
  4. Reply Carol & Natalie
  5. Complete minigame > x20 I want more
  6. See Yuki > Come up with something
  7. All in order
  8. Help Carol > x2 Continue
  9. Take of your shorts (LU path) or Continue (INT Path)
  10. Lift Carol up > Agree
  11. Any choice > Trick her (INT path) or stop > Continue > Tease her > All in order, but “continue” the last one

University of Problems Guide 0.4.0 Update – 10 steps

  1. Stop her (INT path) or Continue (Lu path, also + Roxy)
  2. Don’t disturb (+Roxy) (you can save and see the other choice if you want)
  3. Phone: Message to Rachel & Yuki
  4. I like the new style (+Roxy)
  5. Phone: Reply to Rachel & Yuki
  6. Ask > choose all in order
  7. Chat with Zac & Lexi > choose all in order
  8. Relax in the club > Kim event > Continue > Refuse the call
  9. SAVE
    • Take a ride now > Sara Event > Peek (Lu path) or Don’t look (INT path & + Sara)
  10. Search for something interesting > Peek

University of Problems Guide 0.4.5 Update

  1. Choose all (last night, tennis & finish)
  2. SMS: Rachel, Carol & Yuki
  3. SMS: Carol
  4. Choose First (+INT), Third (+Lu) or They all (+2 Rachel)
  5. Kiss Rachel
  6. (If in INT path) Offer a Massage: Neck, Back, Arms, Feet, Legs, Upper

University of Problems Guide 0.5 Update

  1. Sasha call: Agree > Agree > Try your best (Lu path) or Take it easy (INT path)
  2. Accept the offer
  3. Intervene > (if enough INT) choose video > Abby at the sorority house, if not, back off > Do not insist
  4. 2 choices

University of Problems Guide – Update 0.5.5

  1. All in order
  2. Choose: Make an order (INT Path) or Have some fun (Lu path)
    • Make an order (INT Path)
      • Worked here (+ Roxy) > Previous job (+Roxy)
      • We should meet more often (+ Roxy)
      • Her Clothes > No, you look great (+ Roxy) or this outfit is shit (+Lu)
      • Her Piercing > You’re looking good (+ Roxy)
    • Have some fun (Lu path) > Be  Nice (+ Roxy)
      • Worked here (+ Roxy) > Previous job (+Roxy)
      • We should meet more often (+ Roxy)
      • Her Clothes > No, you look great (+ Roxy) or this outfit is shit (+Lu)
      • Her Piercing > You’re looking good (+ Roxy)
  3. Sara Big Choice (if in Sara path): Love or Friend route, if you like her path choose Love > No
  4. All in order
  5. Gentle > To get points: Kiss, L*ck and Feet, then the rest

University of Problems Guide – Update 0.6

  1. (If in Roxy’s path) Choose all > I like your tattoo > Ask for a kiss (+Roxy) or Slap (+Lu)
  2. Reply Messages
  3. Free Roam
    • 3rd floor: Carol > Say a L…(+Carol &+Lu) > Ivy > Front > couple
    • 2nd floor: Sarah (if you are in her path) > Nikki (if you are in her path)
    • Nikki’s studio > Ask about last year’s drawings
    • Fraternity House
    • Gym

University of Problems Guide – Update 0.6.5

  1. Vlad’s path: Go down (+Lu & + Kim) OR Don’t (+2 INT)
  2. Yuki’s Path: Her Studies (+ Yuki), Massage (Nothing), Cheerleading (+ Yuki) & Mallory  (Nothing)
  3. Natalie’s path:  Her Work (+ Natalie), Roxy (Nothing), Mallory (+ Natalie) & Future Trainings (+ Natalie)
  4. Rachel’s Path: Vacation (+ Rachel), Working here (Nothing), Returning campus (Nothing) & Massage (Nothing)
  5. Rachel’s Path: Continue Relationship if Rachel > 18, then kiss her

University of Problems Guide – Update 0.7

  1. Roxy (Requires Roxy relation): Events and scenes depending on your previous choices, choices without consequences
  2. Carol (Requires Carol romantic relation): Events and scenes depending on your previous choices
  3. Ashley (Requires Ashley 2nd lesson): Events and scenes depending on your previous choices
  4. Sara (Requires Sara romantic relation): Events and scenes depending on your previous choices
  5. Rachel (Requires Rachel romantic relation): Events and scenes depending on your previous choices

University of Problems Guide – Update 0.75

  • Sara (Requires Sara romantic relation): Okay
  • Yuki (Requires Yuki romantic relation): Automatic events
  • Ashley (Requires Ashley 3rd lesson): Tell her (only if Ashley > 8, if not don’t tell her)
  • Rachel (Requires Rachel romantic relation): Kiss > Bo > Be > Th > Fe > Pu > Both

University of Problems Guide – Update 0.8

  1. Morning with Rachel (requires date with Rachel previous update): About Last Night > One More attempt > Choose your ending, but if you want points choose P… > Black high heels
  2. Meeting with Kim at the bar (Requires to persuade Kim during meeting with Kim in the office): Leave it > Kiss Her
  3. Casting with Lexi: Agree
  4. Nikki Masterpiece (Requires help Nikki with her exhibition): No choices
  5. Yuki reveal her secret (Requires Yuki’s romantic path): No choices

University of Problems Guide – Update 0.8.5

  1. Morning call from Natalie (requires training with Natalie previous update): Auto event or I’m in if you refused the first time
  2. Morning walk with Ash (Requires to romantic relationship with Ashley): Put on a little performance (Requires INT > 10) > Keep going
  3. 5th lessons for Ashley (Requires to romantic relationship with Ashley): Auto event
  4. Roxy (Requires to romantic relationship with Roxy) : Try to comfort Roxy (Requires Roxy > 12 or Roxy Love > 1)
  5. Sasha third payment (Requires continue to pay for Sasha’s services): Alright > Refuse it > Keep silent > “Accept
  6. Second yoga session with Natalie and Mallory (Requires already had a training session with Mallory and Natalie): About sauna (End)
  7. Carol (Requires romantic relationship with Carol): Auto event

University of Problems Guide Update 0.9.5

  1. Carol (Requires Carol night in 0.8.5): Hell Yeah > About Cheer Squad
  2. Yuki (Requires expressed concern about Yuki): Call her
  3. Roxy (Requires Romantic relation with Roxy): About shift > About yesterday > Change the topic
  4. Sara (Requires Romantic relation with Sara): No choices

University of Problems Guide Update 0.9.5

  1. Sara (If sara spend the night with MC): No choices
  2. Rachel (If MC is dating Rachel): No choices
  3. Ashley (Requires Romantic relation with Ashley): No choices
  4. Free Roam: 57 or Let Ivy choose > Eric (Story event), Vlad (story event), two girls 1st floor (story event), fraternity bouncer (story event), Kithen, take some beer > Nikki (“…party girls.”, …underclassmen.”, “…get a little drunk.” , “…best friends.” )
  5. Wait for the raffle > If you win the grand prize, you can go up to the second floor and get an event with Ashley (only on the condition that you didn’t help her and she became a bad girl), an small event with a random girl and an event with Ivy (the grand prize of that party). Also, if you chatted with Nikki in the first part of the party, you can get the 2nd event with her
    • Ivy: Of course, take the price
    • Nikki: Go with Nikki

University of Problems Guide – v1.0.0

  1. Carol (if dating Carol): No choices
  2. Lexi (if a green in casting): No choices
  3. Roxy (If romance with Roxy): No > I like your piercings!
  4. Carol & Yuki (If romance with Yuki): No choices
  5. Ashley (If romance with Ashley): No choices but scene
  6. Yuki (If romance with Yuki): All choices except “Hip (End)” will give you one “Yuki massage point” each

University of Problems Guide – v1.0.5

  1. Rachel (if dating Rachel):
    • Morning > No choices
    • Classroom > Stay Cool
    • Hotel Room > Ask her any > Li first
  2. Natalie and Mallory (if special workouts with Natalie): Your choice, just Natalie or Natalie and Mallorie
  3. Roxy (If romance with Roxy): Go for it > Li… > Eat > Keep going > Play along and get revenge
  4. Ashley (If romance with Ashley): Help her


Hope this guide will be helpful for you so as to unlock the various scenes and characters like Carol, Yuki, Ashley, Natalie, and Roxy that require INT AND LU points.

Enjoy the game!

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